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You Might Not Be Able To Chose Your Genetics But Is That Really The Ony Sort Of "Family" There Is??? (Or - Some Close Friends Can Turn Into A Kind Of "Family")
Families can be strange things, can't they???  You have relatives who you see often - yet you may also have relatives whom you cannot really be positive are not a figment of someone else's imagination because you have never seen them in your life.  (I have got quite a few of those in various places.)

That is before you get into the realms of the "Religious" families - as in Nuns, Monks, and "Brothers and Sisters" in whatever religion you follow.

I must admit that I seem to be building up a collection of very close friends who I consider to be my "alternative" family.  I have mentioned nearly all of them on here at one time or another.

Depending on whether you see "family" as based on genes, adoption, or even based on shared interests, or just plain feeling so comfortable in someone's presence you wish they could adopt you (or even you adopt them) - families can take in a rather "flexible" existence.

Even though your actual biological, genetic, or adopted family may die I believe there are people waiting in the wings to take their place.  The bonus is when you find yourself having "family" members who you never had in the first place - I haven't got any brothers or sisters of my own but I am really thankful that I have collected some very good friends who I consider to fulfil that role.

As long as someone is prepared to be there for you in the same way that a relative would be - you should consider yourself extremely lucky (or blessed).

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