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Electability Versus Accountability (Or - Wy Do We Never Get Them Both At The Same Time???)
Apparently there is going to be an Election for a Police And Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire next month.  (The fact that I don't remember being asked if I wanted one in the first place would appear to be beside the point.)

I think the idea is that people electing other people democratically is supposed to make the electorate feel we have a say in what goes on in the country???

I have to admit I haven't got the desire to scour the media for news about Mayors, Police And Crime Commissioners, etc.  This is for one reason alone -
I have no personal attachment to them - as in - they are not accountable to me.

We live in what most people would recognise to be a "Democratic Society".  This means we are given the chance to elect people to represent us in various places.  Whether or not we take up our chance is up to us.

However, it never seems to work in the opposite direction.

We have witnessed several MPs and other Politicians wriggle out of doing the decent thing and answering questions in an honest and transparent manner recently.

I admit there may be personal and political motives for this - however - to me it just makes a laughing-stock out of our so-called "Democratic" system.

(Put it this way - at least Government has not been forced to attempt to live by the Peel Principle of "Policing for the People by the People" - even though Robert Peel was actually a Prime Minister as well as setting the original rules for the Police Service.)

I wish we could scrap Westminster and devolve all powers as locally as possible.   That way we might be able to ensure both Democratic Electability and Democratic Accountability.

As it is now - people who earn over a certain amount are legally obligated to pay Tax on their incomes (yes - I know - there are people who have successfully dodged paying Tax for years) - but we have absolutely no say in what they are actually spent on.  For example - Trident, Wars, MPs salaries, any other scheme and scam Westminster wants to drag us into (propping up bankrupt banks, etc).

I must admit to smiling a little when news about the result of the Dutch Referendum on whether or not Ukraine should have Trade Links with the EU hit the UK Media.

The Dutch Government kept well away from the Referrendum (apart from passing the law which enabled it to take place) but they said that if the overwhelming majority voted against ratification of some Treaty or other they would have to listen.  The barrier for a valid vote was set at a rather low 30% of the Electorate - over 60% of whom voted against.

Compare that with the activities of the "Bremain" camp in the British EU Referrendum.  Not only has the Government been split by the referrendum itself - the Pro-Staying In The EU ranks have decided to waste a lot of Tax Payers money attempting to strongarm us into voting to stay in.

My interest in British politics was dying a slow death - it is now rapidly approaching the funeral service.  I will vote because it is my Democratic right and duty - "duty" is exactly how it feels.

Until we can vote people both into and out of Democratically elected institutions we will never have Democratic Accountability.

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