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Don't Stream And Drive (Or - Sitting Behind A Steering Wheel In A Movng Vehicle Is A Very Big Deal!!!)
Here's a question for you - what do you pay the most attention to when you are driving???  More to the point - what state are you in mentally when driving???

If you say I am mentally alert and I pay attention to the road at all times - I have a one word question for you - Really???

Having a conversation with a passenger who is present in the car is not all that dangerous (unless you start a furious argument).

We are all told to ignore our mobiles when driving because texting and driving and having a telephone conversation whilst driving are both dangerous and criminal offences.

There is a new phenomenon which has recently started.  Since the arrival of an App called "Periscope" on App Stores there have been total idiots who have been - not only filming themselves whilst driving but also reading comments and answering questions at the same time too.

You may have heard about a Twittercop known as Sgt TCS starting a campaign called "Don't Stream And Drive".  This is about all those idiots who use their mobile phones and livestream videos of themselves driving.

One day this week Sgt TCS even gave his twitter followers a live commentary as he watched a livestream of a complete moron driving around in the West Midlands.  If only there were (a) enough Police Officers to track and arrest these idiots - and - (b) a penalty like having your car crushed, being banned from driving for life, and surrendering your passport (or other identification documents), whilst having to sign a Driving Offender Register for life,

You can always wait until the end of your journey to take calls, send texts, etc.  This should also include livestreaming yourself doing anything.

Failing that - feel free to use Public Transport.  You can livestream all you want when you are a passenger.

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