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Failure Costs Lives (Or - Why "Experimental Living" Should End)
I have a list of my favourite bloggers (and video bloggers - or "Vloggers") in my head.  Some of these I love because they entertain me (sometimes without meaning to), some because they educate me about their world in easy to swallow (and process) chunks, and some because they inspire my thought processes in a slightly different direction.

If I were to make a Venn diagram of the above three groups I would find two names right in the middle of it.  The one who inspired the blog post is Nathan Constable.

Mr Constable wrote a very eloquent blog post on the subject of "Experimental Policing" (well, you will have to read it to see if you agree with my reading of it - nathanconstable.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/ok-to-fail/).

One particular line in it got me thinking.

"The world of medicine experiments all the time but it is always a very very long time before drugs or interventions are tested on live human subjects."

The trouble is - the Police are not the only group of "Non-medical professionals" who seem to constantly be forced to experiment on "live human subject" - not are they the only group who are treated like Lab rats to be experimented on as a result of someone else's whim.

Please don't misunderstand me - I realise the Police have a very difficult job and do the best they can under enormous stresses and strains.

However, I can think of four other groups who are also subjected to "experiments on live human subjects" (two of which I either belong to or I know someone who does).

Teachers, Students, the Disabled, and the Unemployed.

Forgetting the Disabled and the Unemployed for now (I could write a very long and ranty blog post about the treatment of those two groups - and I may do at a later date).

Teachers seem to be both subjected to experiments (similar to the stress tests of Policing but more "results-based" - as in Test results) and forced to experiment on other people.  I know I keep saying this but what I consider to be the biggest loss to teaching was caused by the person concerned not feeling able to teach in the way they wanted to any more.

Yes - I know I have said this before too - but the students are the ones who are really paying for the Government's continual experiments with teaching.

Even the students who start off being the most enthusiatic about learning can end up with psychological problems due to pressure from having to do well in tests - on top of bullying, etc.

If the students leave school like I did (even though they may not come under the "Special Educational Needs" umbrella) and think they are totally worthless and/or useless - even the most fervent believer in testing to the limits should realise that there is something seriously wrong with the system.

Something else Mr Constable said has just come back into my brain (and yes - I did quote it in another blog post).  It was regarding some SAT test or other and he had tried to do it.  His Tweets said something along the lines of "I am at the Educational Level of a 7 year old.  I am now off to Command Firearms incidents".

In an ideal world we would irradicate what I class as "Experimental Living" (where we are experimented on at someone ele's - usually the Government's) whim.  At least until we get to such a point when the Experimenters start to really listen to - and take notice of the opinions of - the Lab rats themselves.

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