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In The Same Way That Different Harmonies And Voices Make An Interesting Song - A Blend Of Different Experiences Make An Interesting Person (Or - You May Only See One Bit Of The Jigsaw At A Time But Judge The Whole Picture When You See It))
Before I start this blog post I would like you to watch this video www.youtube.com/watch.  However, I would like you to concentrate on all the different tunes you hear in it.  (Yes - I know it is a Christmas Carol but it was the only song I could find to serve my particular purpose.)

I have been known to sing in a choir (in fact, I was in a choir who sang the carol in the video at a Christmas Service a few years ago).  I must admit that I loved it when the conductor was teaching us the song and the different parts of the choir all sang their own part separately.  I actually preferred hearing the Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Basses sing separately.

However, I digress.

What got me thinking about songs, harmonies, etc, was the Haymarket Bus Station in Leicester (more to the point - a cancelled visit to look around it and make comments on it before it is opened).

I have heard people being described in several different ways (most common one being an "Onion" with different layers to get through before you get to the real person underneath).  I prefer to think of them as songs with different tunes sung by different sections of the same choir all at the same time.  (Well - what did you expect with my habit of quoting random song lyrics on here to help me get my points across???)

After I had managed to find out that the look around the bus station had been cancelled I somehow managed to do something I had wanted to avoid doing.  I managed to sign myself up to the "Disabled Access Group (or Forum)" for Leicester.  Don't get me wrong - I have got nothing against the group.  In fact, it was one of their members who had invited me along to give my opinion on the revamped Bus Station.

My reason for not wanting to sign up as a member of that group is more of a personal conundrum for me.

Yes - I am "legally" Registered Partially Sighted.  Yes - I do own a Disabled Bus Pass.  Yes - this blog is starting to focus more on "Disability issues".  The question is - Do I want to turn the volume up on the "Disabled" part of my personal "Choral Masterpiece" at the expense of what I think of as the nicer bits of the song???

The way I hear my personal "Choral Masterpiece" is with my sight problem as the Bass line.  (As in - I know it is there but it only really makes itself known to the rest of the audience at certain times.)

If you are interested in how I would describe the rest of the "Choir" - keep reading.

The "Soprano" section is where you find my "Sideways Thinking".  Just out of interest - I think I am technically an "Alto" but - due to being taken to various choir practices with my Mum when I was younger - I feel more comfortable singing the Soprano bits.

The "Alto" part is where you will find my thirst for knowledge - both recieving it and giving it away.  This is where my love of reading and writing comes in.

The "Tenor" part is where you will find the other inescapable part of me.  Unfortunately - unlike my Mum - I cannot say "I was born Dutch, I am Dutch, and I will die Dutch".  However, I am very proud of my Dutch heritage - and I know I have got more than a couple of Dutch traits in my personality (I can even do a passable impression of the accent - as well as making myself understood in the language itself).

We have all got our own personal "Choral Masterpiece" which we sing.  Nobody hears the full arrangement unless they are among our most intimate friends and family.  However, though each separate part can be a tune on its own (with some bits occassionally duetting) - you can only judge the full effect when you hear the whole song.

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