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I Have Learned That You Don't Just Need Dedication - You Also Need Support And People Who Are Prepared To Back You Up Without Telling You! (Or - A Thousand "Thank You"s To You All)
Well, it looks like I might be slightly busier than I thought I was going to be on Wednesday next week.  I have yet to get it confirmed but there may be a chance that "Inkyworld" might turn into an exhibit at the "Choice Unlimited Roadshow".

I am always genuinely amazed when people tell me they enjoy reading my ramblings.  I must admit that one of the high points was when Constable Chaos asked if he could borrow the "Roadsweepers of Society" line from one of my blog posts (he also put the entire post on his Facebook page).  Thst proved to me that I must be doing something right.

A few other people have been kind about other blog posts - both on here and on the "Simple Solutions" Blog (Click here www.smpl.org.uk/blog/ to read yet more of my ramblings).

Someone I spoke to tonight showed me they actually understood what I am trying to achieve through "Inkyworld" (apart from it being a "head-emptying" exercise) when they said that "Inkyworld" is my way of doing something for the Community.  I share my thoughts on a wide variety of topics "Disability", "Policing", "Social Projects", etc.  I happily give you (or attempt to give you) tasters of my world and how I experience it.  In fact, there is very little which I keep totally private - obviously, I ask people before I quote them or include them in detail on here - apart from my Dad (who has made a couple of appearances - sometimes literally - he knows I have a blog but he hasn't shown much interest in it except to ask if it is still going) and my Mum, English Grandparents, and Oma (who are all deceased).  Namechecks of my Dutch relatives are just that.

I said in a previous blog post that I prefer it when someone shows me they like my blog rather than just telling me.

This can be done in a few ways;

Leave a comment or send me an email.  (Or you could try my favourite form of the "Points of View" themetune "Send me a Postcard - Drop me a line - Stating Point of View" - nicked from "When I'm 64" by The Beatles.)

Quote me elsewhere.

Or do what a few people have done (and are prepared to continue to do) give me an opportunity to showcase my "talent" in a more "Public" setting (with or without paying me - although money has a habit of making life easier for people).  I have been given a couple of wonderful opportunities which included writing for people who I honestly thought would never - in a million years - be interested in anything I write.  (The most recent one will be available to read at the "Choice Unlimited Roadshow" on Wednesday.)

However, the people who deserve the biggest thanks are the people who read my ramblings - whether or not we have ever met in real life.

Ladies and Gentlemen - the people who deserve the biggest thanks from me are you - the readers.  I can sit at my computer and type away endlessly. posting blog after blog after blog, but if nobody reads it it will be a waste of effort.  (I would still enjoy doing it though.)

Have a BIG HUG each.

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