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Work With Yourself Instead Of Against Yourself (Or - Why Attempt To Conform If It Makes You Ill???)
This blog post has been bubbling away in the back of my mind for quite a while.  To be perfectly honest I was actually going to try to combine it with a kind of "Post-Mortem" of my upcoming exploits on Wednesday.  That was until I had a conversation with one of my friends on a similar subject which sent this blog post rocketing towards the top of my "Blog posts To Write" List at a rather alarming speed.

I believe we have all got an in-built talent.  It could be for Computer Programming, Painting, Music, Photography, Writing, Science, Learning a Language, etc.  Not everybody has got the same talent (as witnessed by some of the poor deluded people on prgrammes like "Britain's Got Talent", etc).  Nor is everybody able to use their talent in the same way.

However, personal experience tells me that not being allowed to use your talent in some way during the course of your daily life just makes you ill.  Never mind not being allowed to use your talent to its fullest extent.

(This may sound slightly crazy but - even though I was not too keen on my first name as I was growing up - the fact I can get away with answering to "Ink" or "Inky" seems to fit in very ncely with this blogging escapase.  When I was in Leicester city centre quite some time ago I saw a poster which I would have loved to have had made into a tshirt - it said "I ink - therefore I am".)

You could say I come from a pretty creative family - my relatives include two concert standard pianists, some painters (as in on canvas - not on walls), a couple of humans who - if they didn't know what to do with a bit of material and some thread it was not worth knowing about - you could say liked sewing.

I have read about people being under-employed or over-employed (either working too few or too many hours).  However, not enough is written about people who are in the wrong job full stop.

I admit there are certain hobbies or talents which can be moulded into certain types of jobs.  For example - find someone who likes tinkering with computers and they can either be a Lecturer in the subject or they can troubleshoot them for a living.

There are certain other hobbies and talents which - try as much as you like - you will never bend into certain so-called "useful" jobs.  Just because I happen to enjoy sitting at a computer blogging - it doesn't mean to say that I feel very happy sitting at a computer all day doing other (more stressful) work.

My imagination likes coming out to play more often than not.  If you want me to feel comfortable in an office please - I am begging you - let me use my initiative and my creativity during my job.  This will tell me you see me as a useful individual instead of an Android (other robots are available).

Working against (or rather - being forced to hide) my talents in my last job ended up doing me a lot of damage.  In fact, it is why I am so keen to blog and write, etc.

This is probably going to sound like I have suddenly either totally lost the plot or developed a very high opinion of myself but I can only say one thing - I exist to write.  Writing excites me, writing de-stresses me, reading (or hearing) what another person has written interests me.   Sharing information with others via the medium of written (or typed) words just pleases me no end.

I am lucky enough to have people who are prepared to support me with my writng (by paying me to do it, giving me the opportunity to share my talents with others, or just by reading my ramblings on here and talking to me about them).

I can honestly say I have never enjoying anything as much as being able to share my passion with you.

The only thing which upsets me about it though is as follows;

Writing (and other "Creative Arts") is not really seen as a proper job - even though (if you apply some of my "sideways thinking" to the concept of a job) it actually forms the spine of most jobs I can think of,

Let's face it - you might not be able to make anything tangible or physically useful just by creating a pile of letters in the middle of a factory floor (apart from a game of either "Lexicon" or Scrabble) - but you would deffinitely need a sheet of paper with letters or words on it if you intended to manufacture a "Dock Mobile Loader".  In fact, you would need reams and reams of paper to find out how to manufacture one of those (the Maintenance Manuals for those things were my least favourite things to put together).

Now we have virtually lost our Manufacturing and Engineering sectors I think we should fund more of the Creative Arts.  This may encourage people into trying jobs they would enjoy doing instead of merely existing from one week to the next.

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