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Advertising An Impossible Dream??? (Or - How To Lose This Member Of Your Audience Very Quickly)
I have almost given up on watching advertisements (be they on TV or on YouTube) because the ones which the advertisers think are being clever usually just leave me cold.

I am not even talking about the slogans which are attached to some products - I am talking about the adverts themselves.

Even I will admit that my brain is capable of the most surreal thoughts and imaginings you have ever heard of.  However, even my brain sometimes has problems computing the so-called links between the product being advertised and what I see on the screen.

I have to admit that my favourite adverts are the ones with a link to the product which I can connect in my head, a sense of humour, and ingenious camera work.

There was an advert for a car manufacturer involving different parts of the car joining themselves together to build a car.

Both Heineken and Grolsch had brilliant adverts at one point - one had a group of workmen in a hole in the road when a hearse pulls up and the driver looking out of the window,  the other one had a series of adverts on the subject of things not being ready (my favourite of those was when someone asked if another person wanted a crisp and handed them a raw potato instead).

I also loved the Specsavers advert with John Cleese playing Basil Fawlty.

However, my favourite advertisement of recent times is the most simple one I have seen for ages.

I don't know if you have seen the "Warburtons Giant Crumpet" adverts???  They just appeal to my sense of humour.  www.youtube.com/watch

So - if you want to capture my interest keep it simple - keep it connected to the product you are trying to interest me in - oh - and don't baffle me with science.

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