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When Who You Know And What You Know Meet Up To Make An Exciting Experience (Or - Maybe We Should Allow People To Show Their Skills Instead Of Their "Friends List")
I had the absolute pleasure of reading a tweet I was mentioned in after the "Choice Unlimited" Roadshow.  Someone thanked me but ommitted to mention what they were actually thanking me for.  When I queried it they said I was part of a "Team" (this was - and still is- news to me - I was more under the impression that I am found on the periphery of the team as I am more comfortable on the edges).

The same person decided to surprise me again on Saturday by doing something else I didn't expect.  This took the form of sending another tweet with my name on it.  I was quite surprised to find that they had decided I would be able to help someone who had sent a tweet asking for help with starting a blog.  Their opening of "You are a blogger so you might be able to help" coupled with a retweet of the help request - told me they definitely thought I could help.

I offered some advice to the person who had sent the original tweet.

However, I have a favour to ask you.

If you know of someone who wants to start a blog (or you yourself want to start one) please point them in my direction.

I don't get evangelical about a lot of things but I passionately believe everyone has got a story to tell which may help the rest of the world.  I also believe that writing is one of the best stress busters in existence.

You could say I was lucky being taught by a teacher who was passionate about writing (and daydreaming) for fun.  I would say I was lucky being born to parents with the foresight to encourage my love of reading, writing, words, languages, and letters.

Even before I could write I gave my Mum practice in English writing skills when I dictated stories to her which I had made up.  (The poor lady had only been in England a year longer than I had been alive.)

Trust me - if you grow up finding yourself being spoken to in two totally different languages (sometimes in the same sentence) you will learn to love how different words change meaning depending on what language they appear in.  You will also start off spending a large part of your life being totally confused by words - like "pop" being a fizzy drink, the noise an overfed (apparently) Weasel makes ("Pop Goes The Weasel" being a nursery rhyme), or a form of music (Pop music) in English - but a doll (as in Sindy or Barbie) in Dutch.

The funny thing about blogging is that you don't really need to have a degree in either English or Writing (if you did I would be snookered).  You just need a story to tell and some imagination.

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