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Art As A Concept And As Life Itself (Or The Day I Had My Mind Expanded)
Before I start this blog post I would like you to look at this photograph which I took on my way to the exhibition I am going to ramble on about.  Concentrate on the black and white bit in the middle of the photograph and try to see if you know what I might think it is every time I see it.  (I will tell you what I think it is near the end.)


Yesterday I went to a fascinating Art exhibition by some students from DeMontfort University in Leicester.  They had paintings, sculptures, a video, etc, showing a side to "Art" that people don't usually see - or if they do see it they don't think about it for very long.

I must admit that I am not very keen on "Art" Exhibitions because I usually find them difficult to both physically navigate around and stretch my mind enough not to get frustrated when people decide to put contemporary ideas onto old works of art.  (I have only ever found one thing which actually combined "contemporary" ideas and the realities of the artwork in question - and it was a book - the English translation of which was turned into a film.  Vrouw Met De Parel Oorring" (or "Girl With The Pearl Earring") turned out to be the most complicated - yet deliciously enjoyable - book I have ever read in Dutch.

To be honest - I prefer "Art" when it has got some kind of connection with real life as it is now.  I think I have told you before that my favourite "painting" was found on a Dock at Europoort in Rotterdam.  Some really gifted human had got quite a few shipping containers and turned them into a replica of a Mondriaan painting.

The exhibition was fascinating because I could see some of the emotions behind the work (and I actually understood them as well).

(In fact, the only slight drawback was the fact that the "plaques" informing you about the different pieces were impossible for me to read.)

Long time residents of my world may remember reading a blog post about a streetlight on Charles Street in Leicester, looking exactly like a spoon from where I was standing when I photographed it.

I actually prefer my "Art" to be mobile, interactive, touchable, and (vaguely) programmeable.  As well as coming in different shapes, sizes, and outer wrappings.  You may be puzzled when I say I haven't been in the same place as my favourite "Artwork" since before Christmas but I do know how to get in touch with them.

Yes - I consider humans to be "Art" - as well as the more conventional paintings, sculptures, etc.

Before you think I have lost the plot completely - think about the humans you know.  We all have our own patchwork life story - some of which is painted in monochrome whilst other bits of it are painted in bright colours.  And that is without the fact that some people have scars and tattoos on their bodies, either the result of an accident or a deliberate act.  Some people dye their hair a wide variety of colours (and if someone could tell me where to get a bucket of hair dye which would either turn my hair a gorgeous yellow-ginger colour or a gunmetal grey colour - I would be extremely grateful indeed).

Whilst our experiences and our perceptions of the world around us can form part of a piece of Artwork - surely the best pieces of "Art" are ourselves???  Both our physical and our emotional self tell a wonderful story.  We should let that story speak for itself.

The photo at the beginning of this blog post is of a staircase.  However, every time I look at it all I can see is a black and white "snake" toy.

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