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I Have Found A "Virtual Reality" Map In Paper Form (Or - If A Near Native Is Confused I Pity The Poor Visitors)
This blog post was a kind of "request" blog post.  As in someone handed me something with the words "I thought you could write about this on your blog".  What they handed me was the most confusing piece of paper I have ever had the misfortune to attempt to read.  Therefore, it ended up on here.

The "Virtual Reality" I refer to in the title to this blog post is not quite the "Technological Advance" involving screens and pictures, etc.  This "Virtual Reality" would more appear to have involved a blindfold being tied around the head of the person who was in charge of coming up with the design of an information leaflet.

Forget for a moment the fact that it is not available in a font size which is readable by people who have got worse eyesight than me - as well as the fact that it has some print in colours which my eyes didn't like peering at for very long.

For having decided the title of the leaflet is "Where to board your bus in the new Haymarket Bus Station, St Margaret's Bus Station, and at City Centre bus stops" the Brainiac in charge of the Information Department at Leicester City Council informed us of anything but that.


Good Luck with finding out where the buses will stop on that map.  Too small, too cramped, and too faint, for me to read properly.

I need more information than this!!!

The leaflet would not have been so bad had it not been for one pretty major error (and an obvious one at that).

The new Haymarket Bus Station has indeed got stand numbers with letters (HA through to HZ).  However, if you go to St Margaret's Bus Station and look for any letters on the stands there you will be in for a shock.  The stands in St Margaret's Bus Station are all numbered (1 through to 22).  So I would strongly suggest that anybody looking for a bus in St Margaret's Bus Station starts counting.  (Unless of course - the stands at St Margaret's Bus Station are going to revert to being letters - but the bus using public have yet to be informed of this???)

I could talk about how the Haymarket Bus Station is in the wrong place to start with but I will leave that for the blog where the bus station gets reviewed after I have been inside it.

First impressions are not very good at all.  I remain to be pleasantly surprised but I doubt I will be somehow.

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