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Why "Flash Gordon" Isn't Any Good When It Comes To Changing Public Opinion (Or - Can We Please Go Back To The Days When Honesty And Humour Were Valuable???)
Before you decide that this is going to be a rant about people who answer to "Gordon" - I have news for you.  The "Flash Gordon" in question is actually a song by Queen which reminds me of my GCSE French lessons.  All will be revealed.

It is funny how certain events in the world spark off different memories.  Just recently I have had a reccuring memory which has dug itself up from deep within my memory banks (that is where the bleakest memories are hidden).

What with the different debates about Politicians and whether or not countries are (a) corrupt or (b) in danger of becoming a "Failed State" - it is becoming difficult to stop for a moment and draw breath.

I must admit I am sick and tired of the mud-slinging which masquerades as "mature" debate on TV these days.  Apparently, if you disagree with something you are opening yourself to all sorts of criticism.

However, my mind immediately goes back to my GCSE French classes at secondary school.  Not because we had any profound philosophical debates in it.  Nope - instead the reason my mind goes back to it has something to do with AJ Freeman, Tom Neale, Danny Turner, Ian Campbell, and Jason Horrobin forming an impromptu choir at one point.  This choir was apparently formed primarily for the purpose of singing at least part of the theme to the movie "Flash Gordon".  (From what I can remember the boys were reasonably good at singing.)

It has got to the stage where - every time I hear the begining of a debate or interview where the topic involves any kind of change to any kind of system - I hear AJ mutter "Flash - Flash - I love you but we only have 14 hours to save the universe" before the choir kick in with the chorus.

I am not sure if it is the current interviewing (sorry - interrorgation) style employed by interviewers but it would seem that honesty and humour have flown out of the window.

There is - however - one bunch of people who have shown a (sometimes seriously inappropriate) sense of humour.  The "seriously inappropriate" sense of humour comment relates to the current craze of UK Police Forces copying something called a "Running Man" video which is doing the rounds on Twitter and YouTube.  To me videos where the Police display a sense of humour and an ability to connect with the public are best when they are spontaneous - certainly not when the UK Police has been criticised for corruption, implicated in the Hillsborough - and other ones - enquiry and found to be lacking in judgement.  And don't get me started on the use of Police vehicles in the videos.  (I thought that was somewhat illegal???)

My favourite Police video I have seen on YouTube displays a sense of respect as well as a sense of fun on the part of the Senior Officer involved in it.

Simon Cole (Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police) is a friendly man with a sense of fun.  Mr Cole has started doing "Vlogs" called "Chief's Week" (look them up on YouTube if you are interested).  Today's installment made me smile because - instead of Mr Cole doing the waffling there was another officer waffling.  This particular officer was from one of the Local Policing Teams in Leicester.  Don't worry - Mr Cole played the part of a junior officer very well at the end when he gave his "replacement" a cup of tea.

It wasn't a "Look at how clever we are being" kind of video - like the UK versions of the "Running Man" videos I have seen appear to be.

Instead it was a gentle joke which - once you knew what was going on  - was extremely funny.  It didn't misuse Police equipment or give me the impression that either of the officers involved were attempting to make the Police more "street" (whilst leaving me with the impression that one or two Officers from the varying UK forces who have taken up the "Running Man" Challenge should be immediately forced to take drug and alcohol tests for allowing themselves to be filmed cavorting in such an undignified manner whilst wearing a Police Uniform).

We need to get back to a culture of respect for everybody.  This should start by people listening to the views of the Public on various issues and not leaving themselves open to charges of bringing Society as a whole into disrepute.

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