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Please Drive For The Condition Of Your Passengers (Or - Why A Certain Bus Company Is Not In My Good Books At The Moment)
There are times when I really wish the DVLA would be prepared to give someone with my level of sight a Driving Licence.  These occur most often when I have narrowly avoided serious injury as I attempted to locate a seat.

Before you think this is yet another post about drunk people on Public Transport please read on.

I have blogged a couple of times before about passengers not being given enough time to find a seat before the bus pulls away from the bus stop.  (I seem to remember suggesting at one point that the seats should be stripped out of the buses and a metal bar should be put down both sides of the bus to hold the passengers upright.)

The irony is that I have seen a new breed of poster springing up on buses operated by various companies.  These posters urge you to "ring the bell and stay seated until the bus arrives at the stop".  How are you supposed to stay seated if you aren't seated in the first place???

Apparently, it is only English bus drivers who appear to ish to set the Landspeed Record for buses.  On every Dutch bus I have ever travelled on the driver waits for the passengers to either sit down or - in the event of the bus being standing room only - brace themselves so they have at least some kind of balance before the bus pulls off.

I could waffle on about empty pushchairs being allowed to occupy space in the Wheelchair bay (thereby blocking seats which the Elderly, Disabled, and Infirm - or wobbly on their feet - are supposed to be priority users of in the absence of a wheelchair iror occupied pushchair).

I could also ramble on about how annoyed I feel when humans who appear more able to race towards the back of the bus than I am (especially when it is moving) clog the Disabled seats up and don't offer to move to let me sit down.

I have actually injured my back (not severely but it was bad enough at the time) when I fell backwards as I was trying to find a seat at the very back of the bus.  The driver had pulled away from the bus stop and got up to full speed - conveniently forgetting that there was a roundabout which he was heading directly for.  He put his brakes on so suddenly when he got to the roundabout that I didn't have time to find a proper hand hold - so down I went.

It is all very well for people to advise the passengers to ask the drivers to let them sit down before they leave the stop but this only applies to the Elderly, Infirm, Disabled, and Vulnerable sections of society.  I don't see why the driver should have to be asked to wait until the passengers sit down before pulling away from the stop.  Surely the drivers should wait anyway???

It is getting to the stage where the only people who are going to feel really safe getting on and off buses are the ones who do not need to find a seat because they are already seated (either in a wheelchair or a pushchair) when they board the bus.

We need a total reeducation of Drivers so they understand the dangers of people not getting a chance to sit down before the driver drives off.

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