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The Ambulance Puzzle (Or - Please Find A Template And Stick To It!)
This evening three new (and puzzling) vehicles passed through my world at high speed.  The only trouble is - when I first saw them - I thought there were six separate vehicles.

Apparently these are called "Ambulances"???  Not in my world they aren't.  In my world an Ambulance is a single vehicle which is the approximate size of a Luton Van which is (for some strange reason) nowadays painted either a bright lemon yellow or a yellowy green colour - with light green and dark green Battenberg print down the sides.  These come with blue flashing lights fitted as standard.

More to the point - they look like a single vehicle from a distance.  That is the important thing.

Allow me to explain.

My brain has got "stock images" of different sorts of vehicles so I have some idea of what is likely to pass me - as well as whether or not it is a good idea to try and stop it (particularly if I am waiting for a bus).

So - you can imagine my confusion when what I first thought was two vehicles (either a Police Car or an Ambulance Car followed by a big ambulance) turned out to be a full-sized ambulance on its own.

This had something to do with the layout of the blue flashing lights (particularly the height and "distance" of the lower lights).  The lower lights appeared to be at the height I would expect to see on the roof of a Police Car - they also appeared to be further forward than the "Roof" lights.

I am now wondering what the Fire Brigade are going to come up with as a way of disguising their vehicles - shrinking them to the size of a minibus perhaps???

I know I have been a little bit sarcastic about this but there is a serious point to the above.

There are times when I don't mind learning what different vehicles look like but there are also times when it can actually be dangerous for me to do so at that precise moment.  Put it this way - I understand that standing in front of a vehicle which has got its "Blues and Twos" (or lights and sirens) going is not exactly recommended for Medicinal purposes.  Especially when it is travelling at a high speed.  Even I am not stupid enough to try that.

However, standing in front of a vehicle (when it is stationary) is the best way for me to learn what it looks like.  This means that I can "file" the shape, etc, of it in my brain.  The next best way for me to learn what a vehicle looks like - as well as how I can expect it to behave - is for it to drive past me at a reasonable speed.  Put it this way - I can tell you if my Dad happens to be driving a car because I know his style of driving (his way of sitting in the Driver's seat, for example).

I am sure I will get used to the new ambulances at some point.

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