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Inkyworld Daydreams (Or - What Would Happen In My Ideal World)
I haven't attempted to write a blog post specifically dealing with what I personally would like to happen in the world around me.  Yes - I know I have typed different bits and pieces on the subject but I thought I would dedicate this blog post to daydreaming about my ideal world.

In my ideal world inequality would not exist.  We would all be able to take a full and active part in life without any barriers at all.

Disability would be actively treated as being a useful asset to employers, etc.  After all, having a disability can actually make you ,more flexible and adaptable than some "able-bodied" people I know.

All sports would go back to being amateur.  This would reinstate the connection between players, teams, and the public.  This would also remove the ridiculous salaries paid to footballers.

There would be no Government (at least not in its current form).  We would all have equal responsibility for the running of the country.  There would be no such thing as Taxes.  Instead - people would have to pay for everything they used - roads, schools, etc.

The current wage and Social Security structure would be replaced by people being paid a sum of money each month whilst being able to earn extra.  There would be both a Minimum and a Maximum Wage limit which would be strictly enforced.

The BBC would be scrapped and different organisations would be able to "hire" bits of the TV and Radio schedules so they could make programmes.

Bullying would not exist.  In fact, everybody would respect each other's views, opinions, religion, way of life, etc.

People would get a choice as to whether or not they ended up in hospital if they became ill.  More to the point - there would not be a culture where people were forced to live - against their will - when their quality of life was deteriorating to the point where it was outweighed by the quantity of life someone could be provided with if they got enough medication.

Cars would be banned from our streets.  This would be because the Public Transport was so cheap and reliable that there was no need for cars at all.  The entire country would be linked up to the Public Transport network - and it would run twenty four hours a day - seven days a week.

Finally - Creativity would be actively encouraged as a valid form of Employment.  Things like blogging, singing, sculpting, etc, would be given equal status to Manufacturing, Engineering, etc.  Banking would be treated in the same way that actively attempting to become a "Politician" - in the form which exists in the UK today.  As in Bankers and people who involve themselves in dealing in Stocks and Shares would be treated as criminals.

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