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Landmarks And Story Trails (Or How A Picture Can Paint A Thousand Memories)
I was talking to one of my friends on Twitter about a project that a mutual friend of ours has got going on in connection with something they are doing when I was reminded of one of my favourite photos.  I was going to put a tag-line on it and share it as part of the project but I decided it sounded too much like hard work.

Unfortunately you will have to look at my Twitter profile to see the photo I wanted to use (it is my header).  However, I have put a different photo of the same building below;

The tagline I was going to put on it was something along the lines of "No matter how weird you look you are still one of us"!

The ironic thing is the photo is of one of my three favourite buildings from my childhood.  Not only is it the only building on the Rotterdam "Tourist Trail" which I actually like - it is the only one of my three favourite buildings left standing in its original state - at least it was the last time I saw it earlier this year.  (Yes - people do live in those flats.)

If you want to see those flats in real life I would suggest you catch a Metro Train (sorry - Underground or Subway Train) from Rotterdam Central Station to Rotterdam Blaak station.  Go out of the station so you are on a big plaza type space then look up.

(In case you are wondering what my other two favourite buildings are - or rather were - one was the first block of flats my Oma used to live in on the outskirts of Rotterdam and the other one was a farmhouse which one of my Mum's aunts lived in approx 10 minutes from Rotterdam city centre by car.  The farmhouse was demolished and replaced with a hotel.)

It got me thinking about landmarks and buildings which have meanings for me.  (By the way - my version of a landmark may not quite meet your definition of the same thing.)

Forget well-known buildings - my landmarks more consist of petrol stations, bridges, pubs, etc,  Things that don't general move in other words.  If the building has been demolished chances are I will still use it as a landmark.  This can get very interesting when someone is talking about a "new" estate which was built (approximately 15 years ago) near my Dad's house - I still know it by the name of the scrapyard which used to be in the same place.  (Funny how "Melton Waste" doesn't have the same ring to it as "Speedwell Drive", isn't it??)

I digress.

I couldn't tell you for the life of me how to get to Oma's last flat from Hook of Holland by car (even though my parents and I did that journey hundreds of times) except for one thing  - you had to turn right near a "Colourroll" (or other carpet retailer) store.  I was fascinated by the multicoloured circular lights when they appeared out of the darkness.

My favourite landmark from recent times is a circular block of flats on the outskirts of Rotterdam.  This block of flats is reasonably non-descript apart from the fact every side is painted a different colour (in vertical stripes).

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo but I was on a Metro Train at the time (If you look at the tall circular building to the right of the photo you may just make out some stripes on it).

That building is interesting to me because it is almost the centre point of where in Rotterdam you can find a large amount of my Mum's family.  It is also the building we used to pass when we visited my Mum's favourite aunt after she was unceremoniously evicted from the above-mentioned farmhouse.

As I said - it is funny how a photo can paint a thousand memories.

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