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Compliments And Surprises (Or - Keep Going Because You Never Know Where You Might End Up)
There I was - just looking at Facebook through sheer boredom and curiosity - when I found out that someone had liked a couple of my blog posts.  Correction - when I found out that yet another human of my acquaintance had started reading my blog.

Fast forward to yesterday when I finally got a chance to speak to the lady concerned.  She blew my mind when she told me how much she liked it and why.  Put it this way - of all the words in the English language which I would have applied to "Inkyworld" the word topical didn't feature anywhere on that list.  You see - to me - topical means relevant to the world at large at that particular moment in time - not just the tiny fraction of it which I happen to occupy at that moment.

In fact, that was only one of the strange surprises I had over the past few days.

Another one was a repeat of an offer of help I had already had from someone - actually that is not exactly true - it was more the reason for the repeat.

You may remember I blogged a request for help on behalf of Joshua Melville connected with research for his PhD???  I wish to pass on his thanks to those of you who have contributed (and are going to contribute) to his research.

He had thanked me previously for blogging about it.  On Friday he told me exactly how helpful my blog post had been to him.  Hence the repeat offer to help with the layout of my website.

I know I have said this before but - I am truly amazed about how this blog has gone from just me sitting behind a laptop typing into a void to me sitting behind a laptop and typing - knowing humans are actually prepared to read my ramblings.  Not only that - but people are actually using what I say on here to help themselves and others.

There is one lady who always wonders how I come up with such "a wide variety of interesting subjects".  All I can say is - I blog about the things I find interesting.  Regular followers of my blog will know that I find all kinds of things interesting in different ways.

This may surprise you but the blog post which has had the biggest impact on me (out of all the ones I have typed) is the one about the revamped Birmingham New Street Station (and Grand Central Shopping Centre).  Why???  Because I keep reading articles and letters in "Rail Magazine" which indicate that there are times when my sight can actually mean I have exactly the same experience as other people - even if the reasons behind the experiences are the complete opposite.  (Welcome to my world people!!! You are most welcome!!!)

You see - I am aware that when I start blogging about the problems I have with places you will probably be wondering what planet I am on.  Yes - my sight is worse than most people and what may be difficult for me to see, do, or access, may be the easiest thing in the world for you.  This means that if people from the "Normal Sighted" world start agreeing with me about difficulties regarding a place, etc, I know there must be something seriously wrong with it.

One of these days I may either try to write a blog post about "a day in my life" or I may try to video bits of it.  You may be amazed by the things I have difficulty with that you might take for granted - as well as the things which you may think I am going to have difficulty with but I have managed to find tricks and tips to help me work around them.

If I can give you just a little taster of my world and help you think about the world a little differently that will make me very happy - that is really all the compliments I need.

Recently I have heard of a concept called "Pay It Forward" where - instead of doing someone a favour in return for a favour they have done for you - you help the next person you meet who has a difficulty.  If I have one wish for this blog it would be that you can use some of the stuff you have learned through reading my ramblings to help other people.  That doesn't mean you have to suddenly alter every single brick of the building you live in (or install different lighting, or curtains, etc) - it can simply be something like not judging someone if they are acting in a way you find odd but asking them how you can help them instead.  Let's just say that I react better to being asked how someone can help me than if they merely ask me if they can help me.  The second question comes with a default answer of "No thank you".  The first one is always welcome - mainly due to the fact I feel you may actually listen to my reply and act on it instead of achieving the outcome which is most desireable to you - whether or not it is actually helpful to me in anyway.

So - I just want to finish this blog post by saying thank you for reading my ramblings and supporting me.  I hope I can keep you entertained enough to keep you with me as I find out where this may take me.  A BIG HUG to you all.

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