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Time To Get Serious (Or - Back Me In And I Will Come Out Fighting)
I am busily trying to keep a lid on my temper otherwise there will be a few people who will get the shock of their lives at some point in the not too distant future.

You see - I am one of those people who will do anything I can to help my friends out and not expect anything in return - until I start to feel like I am being taken advantage of (or I am being strung along to fit their own personal "programme").

If I start to feel like that - stand well clear - the explosion may not be loud but you will know about it.  I have blogged about one such occassion before now (when it involved myself and two very close friends of mine all being insulted by the same character).

I suppose the most recent incident does have one good outcome though.

It has made me more determined than ever to achieve my ultimate goal in my own way - pull up the drawbridge - pretend I am still at school - and rely on myself to get me through this as much as possible.

Yes - I know I have got people I can count on for support when I need it but I really hate asking for help.  Call me crazy if you want to but experience has taught me to be very careful who I show my "vulnerable" side to.

So - I have decided to pick myself up and dust myself off, whilst drying the internal tears.

Some of you will know that I have been trying to find a way of making money out of this blogging lark.  Blogging is something I am passionate about - both as a tool to educate people about sight problems and as an attempt to launch me in another direction.

However, I cannot run "inkyworld" on fumes and fresh air.  I have previously had some ideas about fundraising (as you may know) but this time I have decided to go down the "Crowdfunding" route for definite.  (I just need to find the correct words to make my idea sound plausible enough on the "form".  When I have had a serious think - probably either tomorrow or sometime over the weekend - I will attempt to set a "Crowdfunding" page up.)

I have also decided (and been informed it sounded like a good plan) to attempt to find sponsorship for this blog.  I will keep you posted on that one when I get a bit further forward with it.

Basically - I have decided to stop waiting for something I seriously hoped would happen yet hasn't so far (which is a pity because it would have given me some breathing space) and just go ahead anyway - even if it kills me.

There is a famous song by Queen called "I Want It All".  However, it is not my favourite song of the "Fighter mentality" genre.

My favourite song of that genre is "All I Want Is Everything" by Bon Jovi.  That is the song I have decided to end this blog post with.  The most poignant lyrics in it for me as I type this are 'Police came down with a body bag - said "Donny's a casualty".  I said, "All its about is the boy checked out - couldn't handle reality".'


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