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We Need To Talk About The REAL Housing Crisis (Or - We Need To Build Houses Of All Sizes)
Have you noticed something about the new Housing Estates which are springing up in different places???  As in - Have you noticed what size the houses are???

There is one Housing Estate which is being built on what you might literally call a "Green Field Site" (it is being built on part of an ex-farm) near my Dad's house.

Now - I am as aware of the need for new house building as anybody.  I have no problem with this.  (In fact - as far as I am concerned houses can be built on floodplains and even in rivers if the Planners so decide.  After all, we need to cram in as many houses as we can fit into our country.)

What I do have a problem with is the size of them.  The board outside the Housing Estate suggests that "three, four, and five bedroom houses are going to be built on the site.  Leaving aside the potential traffic problems for a minute - I have a serious question.

Who decides how many bedrooms are needed in which houses being built in which locations???

When I move house I don't want to live in another house which is too big for me.  Instead I want to live in a house with either one bedroom or just a room these days.

There are some people who want to move house into somewhere small enough to fit them in - without having to so much as walk very far.

If you want to buy a one bedroom house which isn't a flat or a bungalow - they are very difficult to find.

Us single people who have no intention of ever getting married or moving in with someone need homes too.

I look forward to reading about housing estates with a proper mix of houses (including one bedroom) being built.

However, I suppose I will have to look for a bijou Shipping Container to move in to when the time is right for me to move.

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