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Crowdfunding For Inkyworld (Or - Now Things Are Getting Serious!)
Well, I have finally bitten the bullet and set up a Crowdfunding page for Inkyworld.

I realise I am taking a big risk here and I hope you are willing to help me fund this blog.

If you would like to find out what I am offering in return for your donations please visit - www.crowdfunder.co.uk/inkyworld.

If you have any more ideas for fundraising please email me - My email address is on the Contact page.

The same goes for if you would like me to give a talk about blogging to a group.

I am passionate about educating people about different issues (or pointing other people in the direction of those with more experience than I have in certain subjects).

I honestly believe we have all got our own stories to tell which will help, educate, and inspire other people.  However, the best people to tell those stories are the people themselves.  I can tell your story for you but it will not have the same impact.

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