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A Call For Assistance (Or - Your Chance To "Blow My Trumpet" For Me)
I am not one to go in for saying how good I am at anything - in fact - the exact opposite is the case.

You see - I may sometimes come across as a loudmouth who seems to like the sound of her own voice a bit too much.  However, there is one surefire way to shut me up.  Tell me I am good at something - then peace and quiet will reign.  I will also probably be waiting for the "but..." which I am so used to hearing.

Some of you have told me how much you like reading my ramblings on here and I was wondering if you would be prepared to put your praise in writing.

Before you think that I have suddenly morphed into someone who needs their ego stroked or I will throw a tantrum - I will attempt to explain what I would like it for.

I am planning on making a new section on this website called "Testimonials" which I plan to use to publicise my blog.  I know some of you have offered to write one for me - and I am extremely grateful.

I am hoping to get this blog more widely known and read.  So - if you like what I write and you think your friends, family, colleagues, Postman, pets, etc, would find it interesting - please feel free to share it with them (or even just tell them about it).

I am not one to blow my own trumpet but I would like to say one thing if I may.

I blog from the heart.  I may blog about deadly serious things or things which are lighter and more humourous but every single blog post comes from the heart.  I have shared things on here which I would never tell you face to face (unless you were a trusted confidant of mine - and even that would not necessarily let you into my deepest, darkest secrets).

On here I am pretty much an open book.  If I blog about something it usually means that it either affects me directly or it affects people I know (whether or not I make any direct references to other people depends on having their permission to share their identity or quote them).

If you are prepared to write a short "Testimonial" for me please send it to the email address on the "Contacts" page.

By doing that you would be helping me try to make a difference in other people's lives.

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