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The Meaning Of A Uniform (Or - How To Turn An Emergency Service Into A Bunch Of Scruffs In One Easy Move!)
I have to admit that my heart sank when I read a news report about the new change to the Police Uniform.  As someone who thinks that a Police Officer looks smart in their Nr 1 Tunic and shudders when they see Officers wearing shirts, fleeces, and Hi Visibility Jackets - you may understand that I think the new hats are a step too far.

In fact, I was on a bus in Leicester City Centre yesterday when a Tactical Support Group van pulled up in front of it and unloaded what first appeared to be some kind of "boyband" wearing tshirts with "Tactical Support Squad emblazoned on the back.  (I had a flashback of the band from the 1990's called "Blazing Squad".)  The reason for my confusion was what was - or rather what was not - on their heads.

I don't mind a Police Officer not wearing those big "Custodian" Helmets on their heads when wandering around.  I kind of prefer the hats with the peaks on them (with the "Chessboard" banding).

What I absolutely detest is the new baseball caps the TSG Officers were wearing.  Put it this way - they do not say "Police" to me.  Instead the baseball caps announce the presence of youths of a dubious intent.

I know I hated wearing a uniform when I was at school (what do you expect when the colour of one school uniform was a horrible dark brown colour???) but at least it meant something.

I am all for people feeling comfortable in what they wear as they go about their paid job but I would be very surprised if many bosses allowed their employees to appear at work in their pyjamas - especially if the employees had a customer-facing job.

I am sorry - but to me - Baseball caps should only be worn by Police Officers in their own private time.

I wonder if every rank is going to be forced to wear a baseball cap eventually???  They are going to have fun trying to sew the braiding on if Senior ranks are to be forced to wear them.

Please reverse this decision and go back to wearing the smart hats.

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