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Does Not Compute - Abort, Retry, Ignore??? (Or - Why I Haven't Put Many Photos In My Blog Posts Before!)

An observation has been made about my blog posts not usually containing very many photos (more to the point - not containing "Teaser" photos at the beginning of the posts).

The photo I have put at the beginning of this blog post is actually connected with the reason for that.  To you the photo may look like I accidentally pressed the button as I was setting up a different shot.  In reality it was exactly the shot I wanted at that particular moment.

I am starting to realise that I am the exact opposite of most people because I don't actually like pictures when I am reading.  I think in words and I find pictures extremely distracting.  (My eyes have enough to do sometimes with trying to cope with the text.)

So - to me - a blog post with a "Teaser" photo will be seriously off-putting (whether or not the photo is linked to the subject of the blog post).  Let me read and digest a few sentences first so I can work out what the blog post is about.

There is another slight problem I have got with different websites.  I have seen some fantastic websites designed by other people.  Then I have attempted to use them with varying results.

Apparently the current trend is for what appear to me to be extremely cluttered homepages.  Bombard the viewer with as much information as possible using every colour of the rainbow and or every single font size known to mankind.  Oh - and - feel free to plaster photos all over the homepage.  (Well, I suppose it does cut down on that horrible white space in the background.)

Seriously though - I know I have to make changes to the way I lay my website and blog out in order to attract a wider audience.  However, I also have to make sure the layout works for me as well as you.

There is a trap which I have seen websites fall into at an alarming rate.  The trap is websites being designed for the majority of the population - leaving those of us who cannot judge spaces or differentiate between certain shades, etc, having to attempt to tweak the settings on our computers so they are more "visible".

I have had an idea as to how best I can explain this;

Look at this photo and see if you can tell me why I might like looking at the screens in it;

You are correct - there are three separate screens with four clearly defined columns of information on each screen.  The space between the screens is important to me so I know what I am looking at.  The less my eyes have to search the better.

The current trend for cluttered homepages just makes more work for me - never mind the size of screen I am looking at.  I prefer to have my information easily accessible.

I will attempt to put more photos in blog posts but I will do it with a very light touch - unless I am writing a blog post I can illustrate with them.

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