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Stop Press - Newspaper Learns UK Firearms Officers Need To Eat!!! (Or - Someone Has Got Their Priorities Seriously Twisted)
Last night parts of Twitter went into meltdown as a result of a newspaper article in Cheshire.  Apparently Firearms Officers were sighted in a Tesco supermarket somewhere in Cheshire buying lunch.  If this wasn't bad enough - their guns were in a holster on display.

I wanted to put a photo of UK Firearms Officers on here but all I could find were ones where either the Officers were dressed in their "Armour" or the Officers were armed with AK47s.  Not small handguns like in the photo in the newspaper report.

Now - as you may know if you have either read my blogs before or you follow me on Twitter - not only am I a vocal supporter of the Police (following quite a few Twittercops on Twitter) but I am comfortable with the idea of Police Officers being routinely armed with handguns.   (Dutch Police are armed with handguns as a matter of course.  The rules regarding whether or not they actually draw them or shoot someone are pretty strict.  Put it this way - even a Police Officer firing a warning shot in front of someone can make headline news on the NOS website.)

On the flip side to that story I found another story on Twitter which was more "newsworthy".  This story was posted on Twitter by a Dutch Newspaper.  The headline asked "How many times have the Community Police Officers in your area pulled their guns???"

Now - call me crazy if you want to but - according to me there is a big difference between a Firearms Officer roaming around a supermarket with their gun in tucked away in its holster whilst they buy lunch - and the aforementioned Firearms Officer suddenly deciding to pull their gun out of its holster and start aiming it at random people for no apparent reason???

The first one is not a newsworthy event - the second one would not only be a newsworthy event but (and I am sure Nathan Constable and Harry Tangye - among others - would correct me if I am wrong) also a possible case for investigation by the Police themselves as well as Disciplinary Proceedings against the Officer concerned.

Police Officers are human too.  Actually - they are one of only five groups of people who I can think of who willingly put their lives in danger every time they go to work (Police, Firefighters, Coastguard, RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institute - and the Military).

Whatever you may think of them they actually deserve the utmost respect for the job they do - not hounding for things like needing to eat or even just being human.

For all you Police Officers who are reading this - I am sending you a big Thank You Hug for protecting the public.

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