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Truth, Lies, And Everything In Between (Or - The Dangers Of Beliefs)

Steps from the Grand Union Canal To The Great Central Way (Formerly The Great Central Railway)

I was going to type this blog post last night - however, I was not in the mood to type anything after witnessing yet another example of the subject of it.

There are times when I honestly wonder what we as a Society are trying to achieve.

Never mind the Mainstream Media - with their ideas about going for the lowest common denominators when it comes to "Front Page News".  Or the Government (what little of it actually still exists in a form sufficient to govern) and their ideas about condemning the most vulnerable in society to their own fate - instead of adequately providing help and assistance in order for them to reach their goals.

Even certain words have either been twisted so they have a different meaning - some of them have been twisted so much that everybody understands them to have the exact opposite meaning to that found in any Dictionary I have ever read.

The above photo can be seen as a metaphor for the barriers we all (yes - I admit I do this sometimes as well) put in the path of others who are trying to achieve their goals.  The barriers can be obvious and physical - or they can be small and not so obvious.  They don't even have to be intentionally put between people and their goals.

There is another point about barriers - they can change shape and size depending on your perception of them.

For example - I will see the fact that you have "helpfully" parked your car with three quarters of it obscuring the pavement where I intend to walk (and only left a small gap between the side of your car and the wall, etc, on the other side of the pavement) as a major barrier (like the big fence in the photo above) due to my sight.  A bit like the big - physical - fence in the photo.

However, you may see where you have parked your car a bit like the reflection of the barrier in the puddle in the photo.  You will think that you have left enough space for me (or anybody else) to navigate their way around your car.  Reflections are only temporary and they can be moved at will - more to the point - you can walk through a reflection in a puddle without damaging yourself.  Put it this way - if you tried to walk through the big barrier in the photo I really hope you have a lifejacket on as it is a big drop until you hit the water in the canal.

Sometimes our choices just reflect ourselves back at us (like the reflection of the swan in the photo) if we choose to look at them.

I have heard a lot about the whys and wherefores connected with the results of the EU Referendum.  Some people seem determined to paint everybody who voted for "Brexit" as a racist - without bothering to ask them about their true motives and ideas.

There are lots of times when I have seriously disagreed with a decision - but I have never condemned anybody for it.

The way I see it is - people's beliefs are their private business until it comes to a point where they directly affect me and my life.

You and I may strongly disagree about things but I hope I will always treat you with courtesy and respect even if we do.

I want to finish this blog post by quoting my all-time favourite lyrics.  These have been going around in my head for the last couple of weeks - and the reason may become obvious.

I've been walking in the footsteps of Society's lies.
I don't like what I see no more.
Sometimes I wish I was blind.
Sometimes I wait for ever - just to stand out in the rain.
So noone sees me crying - trying to wash away these pains.

("Keep The Faith" by Bon Jovi)

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