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Maybe The Best People To Choose Might Not Be The Ones With A Vested Interest In The Outcome (Or - Give The Outsiders A Chance!)

Call me crazy if you want to but I am beginning to think that there might be a connection emerging between this sculpture I photographed in Delft and our current Political landscape.  They both apparently serve no purpose whatsoever and nobody knows what the point of either of them is.

We have just had two major Political events - the EU Referendum and the publishing of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq war.

Both of these have completely destroyed my connection with British Politics - but for very different reasons.

The Chilcot Report seems to be the subject of several Post-mortems (it has got to the stage where I am awaiting the announcement of an Enquiry into the Report).  Not only that but certain Media Outlets appear to have lined up Medical Professionals to cast doubts on Tony Blair's sanity (or at least his personality) without the benefit of a "Professional" appointment with him.  I am not sure but I think this may be ever so slightly against the Professional Codes of Conduct of the British Psychological Society as well as the Royal College of Psychiatrists???

Then we have the British Referendum on the EU - which appears to have finally hit the "Destruct" button on both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.

Since David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister we have been "treated to" the unedifying sight of Politicians attempting to line themselves up to take over (as I type this the final Candidate to stand against Theresa May has stood down).

On the Labour side we have a party who is on the verge of Civil War with itself.  I am too confused by the inner workings of the Labour Party to even begin to explain the process to elect a Leader.

What I do find ironic is that the Labour Party are attempting to get rid of a Leader because he stood up for his principles.  I don't really like how Jeremy Corbin comes across on TV but at least he stands up for what he believes in (even to the point of not wanting anything to do with the Toxic Tony Blair - whether or not this would be detrimental to the "Remain" campaign in the EU Referendum).

The one thing I have got a major problem with in all the Leadership Contests is that they would seem to be using the MP's and the members of each party to attempt to decide how the rest of us would vote.

This sounds to me a bit like asking a Construction worker in Glasgow whether a Journalist in London would like a cup of tea!!!  Without the Construction Worker having met the Journalist prior to being asked the question.

The Political parties only seem to be interested in their own little worlds.  We have been threatened with not having a General Election before 2020 (something to do with the "5 year Parliament Act") even though David Cameron is no longer Prime Minister.

If I had my way the Leadership contests for both Labour and the Conservatives would both bypass the MPs - as well as the membership - of both parties and be put to a national vote.

My reason???  Well, the Political parties all want to choose someone who they think would make a good Prime Minister, don't they???  Someone who will lead the country and have the support of the majority of the population when it comes to General Elections???

So why don't we have a law where we (the public) automatically get a vote in Leadership Elections???  I am only saying this because of the controversy surrounding the spike in Labour Party Members who (allegedly) don't have the best interests of the Labour Party at heart.

As well as the above - I would scrap the "First Past The Post" Electoral system.  I would like to see more Coalition Governments in future (without that stupid Law I referred to earlier in place).

I would make one final change to our Electoral System (if I could not abolish it completely).

I am sick to death of seeing MPs on my TV whom I have absolutely nothing in common with.  Whether or not they are from the upper eschelons of Society, Millionnaires in their own right (self-made or through inheritence), Career Politicians - or even whether or not they have actually had a job I can actually relate to - I would love to see Politicians who I feel I can trust to understand me if I go to them with a problem.

If we had a Parliament which truly reflected the makeup of our Society we would see a lot less white faces (we might even see more people like Nick Clegg - white but with parents from other countries), We would see a lot less men.  We would see more people who have had "lower status" jobs (instead of Doctors, Lawyers, Directors of Oil Companies, etc).  We would also see a lot more people with all kinds of Disabilities.  I am shocked when I consider that I can count on one hand the amount of MPs I have seen on TV with an obvious disability (and I cannot even name most of them).  David Blunkett was blind and became a Minister in one of Tony Blair's governments (that was the only good thing Tony Blair did as far as I am concerned).

I seem to remember typing a blog post complaining about the stock phrase that Politicians always seem to use whenever they are faced with any kind of election - "We need a new kind of Politics".

Yes - we do need a new kind of Politics.  One where the views of the entire population are taken into account, where the politicians are not allowed to say things when they are in Parliament which would get you or I arrested (or sued) if we said them in the street, where "Prime Minister's Questions" is actually seen as a civilised debate (instead of a kindergarten full of overgrown toddlers all grumpy because they can't get their own way).  Most of all - we need a kind of Politics which I would be pleased to get involved in instead of shouting about it through this blog.  This would mean that the Politicians we elected would display compassion for their fellow man and go out of their way (if necessary) to force the Government to change Laws which either intentionally or unintentionally discriminate against the most vulnerable people in Society.

The final thing the new kind of Politics would allow to happen is for everybody to speak out for those of us who do not have a voice.

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