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And With A Rebel Pen...(Or Protesting Via The Medium Of Poetry)
This afternoon I went to an event which had been advertised as a "Rebellious Writing Workshop".  It ended up as a session of Protest Poetry writing.

If you want to read the two poems I wrote at the group I will write them below (with an attempt at explaining why I wrote them - even though the first one practically wrote itself with very lttle input from me apart from holding the pen to paper).

The first one had been bubbling inside me for what feels like forever.  All it really needed was me to get permission to write exactly what I wanted to write in exactly the way I wanted.  I read this one out at the group.



Sight Versus Vision

Look at that lady,

Look at that man.

What gives them the right

To tell me who or what I am?


My sight may be nearly non-existent.

Do not try to mistake it for my consent

To come up with my own Master Plan.


People seem to confuse sight with vision.

They are really two separate issues

Which cause too much division

Leaving people open to abuse.

Don’t concentrate on what I cannot do

Instead please celebrate what I can.


Can we please stop applying labels

To Society’s less than able?

Pieces of paper either glued on

Or tied to a piece of string.

Can we stop thinking

Half the population are trying to construct the world’s biggest con?


If more normal sighted people

Had the vision to see what I see

Maybe they could, maybe they would

Alter the way they treat someone like me.


Signs would be bigger.

Something would happen to the lights.

Did you realise handrails

Are very useful

To those of us without much sight?


It’s not that I don’t want to do

What you ask of me.

Just maybe that I can’t.

Maybe you have to make some alterations?

A little patience would be a good start.


I know this may sound like a lecture.

I don’t mean to go on

But we need to be a little better.

Maybe we need to sing a different song?


Forget about the differences and learn how to get along.


The second one was a bit more difficult to write as I had attempted to write a song with almost the same chorus over 15 years ago.  All that had remained in my head from that attempt was the chorus and the tune for the chorus,  So I needed some verses to go with it.  The person in charge of the group suggested we write in a different style to the one we usually write in - I am not entirely sure he meant in a style which we cannot stand to listen to either but there we go.  That's how I ended up with a cross between a smooth song and (what reads to me like) the ear-bleeding rap from Hell but without swearwords.

Have a read and see what you think.  (I didn't think this one was really suitable to be read out to the group for reasons which might become obvious as you read it.)



Just because I'm different
Doesn't mean I don't feel the same.
This is frustration.
Can't you feel my pain?

First Verse

Ears, eyes, heads, feet.
If you want to join us
Please come in and
Hurry to take a seat.

Repeat Chorus

Second Verse

The worst thing about the current reality
Is everybody promotes disharmony.
Fun stuff comes from unity.
So everybody sing along with me.

Repeat Chorus

Third Verse

Benefits, Welfare,
Got no money?
We don't care.
Our major link to each other?
We are all being slowly driven to despair.

Repeat Chorus

Fourth Verse

Trying to split the nation
Without worrying about our creation
of a separated two nation State.
Now the Government
Seems intent
On abandoning the vulnerable to our fate.

Repeat Chorus to fade.

Please feel free to tell me what you think of the above two pieces of writing.

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