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History Remade By The Breakers (Or Why Plaques And Signs Won't Help)
I went on a few trips down Memory Lane this week.  However, they were not all my memories.

Leicester City Council has decided to randomly sprinkle the City with signs and Plaques commemorating historic buildings, achievements and people.  (There is also a sign in South Wigston commemorating the Railways - the trouble with that one is the sign is nowhere near the existing railway.)

A couple of times this week I was on a bus which went past the former site of "Premier Screw & Repetition" on Woodgate in Leicester.  That name (along with Gents, Bentley Engineering, and a few other names which have escaped me at the moment) may not mean a lot to you but it worked wonders for my handwriting.

Yes - you did read that correctly - I did say my handwriting.  This was down to the owner of a small Engineering Workshop which was based in South Wigston when I was a little girl.  The workshop was called "Poultney Engineering".  Before you ask - there was a connection between me and it which was slightly more human than just the name.

My Granddad (the owner of the Workshop) had the brilliant idea of getting me to write the names of the companies and the totals of the invoices in one of his ledgers - so I could get handwriting practice.  This also had the effect of burning the company names into my brain.

After a job interview in South Wigston I found myself walking past the former site of another company with "Premier" in the title.  "Premier Drum" was famous the world over for its drums.  Examples of Drumkits could be seen in a viewing platform at the front of the building.  However, the only time when I saw a Premier Drum in living life was when I went on a day trip to Glasgow (don't ask - it was supposed to have been a week but someone put me off the idea).  I am not quite certain whether the poor Glaswegian who had been playing the aforementioned drum understood my excitement at seeing a drum which had been manufactured approximately 6 miles away from my home being played in Glasgow - although he did tell me that his was one of only a handful of English drums being played in Scotland.

However, I am convinced that the UK or Britain currently appears to be stuck looking in the rearview mirror instead of looking forward to the future.

I am not talking about the rise of UKIP and their apparent desire to go back to some mythical time (as portrayed by the media) when Britain ruled the world and the world thanked us for it.

I am talking about those people who seem to want to indiscriminately bomb the Middle East to get rid of "Un"Islamic State, Al Quaeida, etc.  As in those exact groups who appear to have sprung up as a result of the West's indiscriminate bombing of the Middle East and the West's habit of imposing their ideas of democracy and Law and Order on the resulting rubble and remaining displaced people.

The most worrying thing is the apparent connection between those who think the Middle East should be indiscriminately bombed and those who think there are too many immigrants already in the UK.  I am beginning to think they are exactly the same people.

We need to start thinking about a positive future.  After all, the future will be without us but the future cannot be without us.

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