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The Unexpected Link (Or How Intersts Can Mix To Make Something New)
You could say I have three addictions which could be combined to connect with the fourth one.

In no particular order the three are;

Chocolate (Good job that the "Verkade" name in my family tree isn't the same branch as the Dutch chocolate company).

If you want to keep me occupied for a few hours (and not talk to anyone) just hand me a book to read - better still - take me to a bookshop and leave me there.  I will be quite happy until you return (I may, however, become grumpy if you interrupt me in the middle of a good book).

The other thing you can do is supply me with pen and paper.  This is especially useful if you want to find out how I am really feeling at any given moment.  I prefer texting to talking as well.  There is something rather hypnotic about the appearance of letters from a pen or on a screen as they arrange themselves into groups.

Chocolate???  Need I say more???  This can be a luxurious delicacy (liqueur chocolates) or a run of the mill slab of the stuff.  Not forgetting the drinks you can make (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) or the flavour combinations you can get (just don't try the 100% cocoa content chocolate on a whim - that stuff is lethal).

Chocolate comes in "bars", you make "notes" sometimes when writing, and you can "read" lyrics.  Put those together and my fourth addiction is Music.

(My fifth addiction is "Only Connect" but that is beside the point!)

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