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Two Halves Of The Same Conversation (Or - How Seemingly Unconnected People Can Combine To Make A Big Difference)
Have you ever had almost the same conversation (on almost the same subject) with two completely unrelated people within 24 hours of each other and felt like it was a continuous conversation?

(I could take that question one stage further but you may end up thinking I should be locked up if I did.)

Both of the people I was talking to are in my handful of "Trusted Advisors" when it comes to my website.  "Trusted Advisors" are people who I trust (and listen to) when it comes to my website and blogging activities.  This little eclectic group of people include 7 (or 8 - but more about my maths in a bit) full time people, one honourary member (as in I would ask them if I could pin them down for long enough to have a conversation with - apart from that they were one of the first to recognise my talent for writing), and one person I wish I could put on the list but unfortunately it is impossible to talk to them without the help of a Medium (if I could put this person on the list I would put them at the very top).

I will give you a full rollcall of my "Trusted Advisors" in a while.  First I think I should explain the connection between the two conversations and how they led to this blogpost being a "Head-Straightening" one (I haven't intentionally done one of those for absolutely ages).

Yesterday I was talking to one of my "Trusted Advisors" (who, if I am completely honest, comes at the top of my list of living ones).  This one gave me some advice about my website as well as giving me food for thought regarding something I want to do on my Blog.  (You will find out what that is in due course.)  As part of his food for thought he said something which got me thinking.

Little did I know that I would have his words proved right by the second "Trusted Advisor" when I spoke to them today.  It wasn't what the second one said exactly which got me thinking - more the connection between them.  (Along with how the first one could have said exactly the same as the second one in the same tone of voice and it would have probably led to the row to end all rows - when the second one said it I actually agreed with his explanation.)

Some of the "Trusted Advisors" know they are in the group.  Some of them know I consider them to be "Inspirational People" but I have never told them they are on my group of "Trusted Advisors".  For some of them this will be the first they have heard of belonging in either group at all.

Remember I said that there were 7 (or 8) full time members in my handful of "Trusted Advisors" and that I would explain my maths???  Here goes with the rollcall - and accompanying explanation;

I might as well start with the "Trusted Advisor" who sparked off the chain reaction resulting in this blog post - Derek Lee.  I could say that without him the whole "Inkyworld" idea wouldn't have started off in the first place - however, that is not completely true.  The original "Inkyworld" blog started off without him - at the same time as starting off because of him.  In fact, it is thanks to me not being on speaking terms with him when I was made redundant that you lot have been subjected to "Inkyworld" ever since.  (If we had been on speaking tems I would probably have used him as a verbal punchbag instead - thereby depriving you of my ramblings ever since.)

He also has the dubious honour of being the only victim (so far) of my Mental Chainsaw - used to separate my friend Derek from his "professional" alter-ego Dr Lee (who has also been useful at times when it comes to this website).  Dr Lee is a Clinical Psychologist (any job title with the word "Clinical" in it just makes me think of hospitals, sharp instruments, scars, and death).

The "Trusted Advisor" I was speaking to today is Tim Slapak who is a straight-talking, caring, Czech man.  His words of wisdom are more connected to his profession of Sales and attracting people.  Tim and Dr Lee both train people in their respective fields.

Another "Trusted Advisor" - Deb Maher has actually helped me with one of the "Big Issues" on this website (basically by lending me her nephew).  She also happens to be one of the kindest people I know.

Helen Purplebat (I am sure that is not her real surname) reached the level of "Trusted Advisor" mainly through being one of my two biggest supporters on Twitter.  Every time I tweet that I have put something new on my website she is one of the first to thank me - she has also inspired a recent blogpost.

These next two appear in my head like "Tom and Jerry" (I cannot think of one without the other now even though I have only met one of them) - Kristyna Myles is a very good friend of mine as well as being my favourite female singer (and one of the first people other than a relative or a teacher to tell me that I am good at writing).  I kind of feel I nicked Julie Kirkpatrick from Kristyna (I have never met or been in contact with such a big fan of Kristyna).  Julie has morphed into one of my friends (we can chat about Kristyna for hours on end) as well as not only being a fan of this blog but also getting a mention on it.

Last - but not least - we have the person who I consider to be my second Mum.  I don't think you could argue with anybody who has that status being considered as a "Trusted Advisor".  Mila Slapak has probably done more than most to help with this blog.  Not only does she provide the transport so I can review Kristyna's gigs (seeing as I cannot drive), she also happens to be Kristyna's Mum, and Tim's wife. 

If I could pin Steve Bowkett down long enough to talk to him he would change from the Honourary "Trusted Advisor" to a full-time one.  He really deserves second place in my rollcall between my original "Trusted Advisor" (more about them in a bit) and Derek - and Dr Lee.

I have said this before but without Steve's input there would be no Ink to type the Inkyworld stuff.  In fact, I doubt I would have made it much past my 12th birthday without him (I am deadly serious - pun intended) let alone approaching my 41st birthday in just under two weeks from typing this.

I will tell you three ways in which he made this blog possible.  The most important way was always believing in me even when the other teachers didn't know what to do with me (I still have the Commendation certificate he gave me for English at my Dad's house).  Through getting a book published the year I started at the school he taught at he taught me that daydreaming was not the bad thing the rest of the world made it out to be.  (In fact, you could say that I daydreamed my way to surviving secondary school - as well as the events after it.)  The third thing he did was invite me to join the "Scribbles" gang (sorry - group) where I met Derek.

Unfortunately the person I would put at the top of my list of "Trusted Advisors" died just over two years before the event which started the whole Inkyworld blog off - me being made redundant from my last job.  Coby Poultney or - as I knew her - my Mum was my biggest supporter as far as my writing is concerned.  She kept my early attempts at writing.  In fact, she went one step further than that.  Around the time I started Primary School - before I could write she used to transcribe stories I made up by writing them down as I told them to her.  There was something which she told me happened when I was a very little girl.  We were on a train, going to I don't know where, and apparently when the train pulled into a station I climbed over her to get to the window and said, "Look Mummy - LETTERS!"

So you could say she was responsible for my addiction to reading, writing, and language.  What I am trying to say is - if you want to thank anyone for my ramblings - don't thank me - thank my Mum instead for instilling in me a love of "LETTERS!".

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