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I Am Just Me (Or - Why I Don't Feel I Am Any Better Than The Rest Of You)
I am going to be honest with you (and if you know me personally you will know this already) I hate compliments.  Sure - If I see you wearing a nice top or something I will compliment you on it (whether or not we have ever met before).  But try doing the same to me and I just get embarrassed.  If you find a reason to compliment me on what I am wearing you might have more success (that means that I have actually managed to coordinate my outfit instead of just throwing any combination of clothes onto my skeleton and calling myself dressed.)

Calling me "Brave" is the thing I hate the most.  I know people who I consider to be a lot braver than me.  What is so brave about going about your daily life whilst going through treatment for cancer???  Nobody told me I was "brave" when I was being bullied at school, or when I was teaching myself how to cope with the teaching methods, or when I was "socially trained" to act like everyone else in order to fit in (even when some of the things I had to learn were the exact opposite of what I was most comfortable doing).  That was when I felt I was being brave.

The other word - which I am slightly more comfortable with is "inspirational".  However, not for the reason you might mean.  I don't consider myself to be inspirational but I have seen a way in which I have inspired people.  You are currently reading it.

There have been some rather curious coincidences involving s a few of my posts on here.  I got my job with Simple Solutions as an indirect result of this blog.  I have also found myself being thought of as an "expert" in blogging by someone who I truly admire in the field of Community Media.  I also managed to accidentally educate a few people about the challenges I face due to Photophobia as a result of a video and blog post I put up about it (being told by second year Journalism students that that particular blog post was interesting really made me feel good).  However, the biggest and most recent coincidence actually involves my last blog post.

I very rarely discuss ideas for blog posts with anyone (unless I have a specific person in mind who I would either like to collaborate with or whose photographs I would like to use).The last blog post was a little different because the idea came to me during a Twitter conversation with one of my friends.  Then put the idea on Facebook and asked if anybody would be interested in reading it.  Another friend offered to send the link to someone they knew who might actually be able to do something about the issues I highlighted.  So I typed the blog post and posted it.  I didn't think anything else would come of it.  Until yesterday that is.  I went to the Social Media Cafe (the first time since I came out of hospital) and met the friend who offered to pass the link on.  Whilst we were there a mutual friend turned up and - when she heard about the blog post (and the associated story) she offered to pass the link on to her contacts.

Now - that is the sort of "inspirational" I like being.  It involves me using my talent to highlight something which can be used to help or educate other people.  It is even better when other people decide to join in my efforts.

You could say I am a "solo flyer" (even though I hate flying with a passion you can only dream of).  What I mean is - I am happiest doing things on my own without distractions.  But I am very pleased when someone either uses something I have done as a springboard for one of their projects or decides to do something to make the world a better place as a result of something I have written about on here.

Of course, I love showcasing the work and projects of my talented friends on here.  In fact, had it not been for a couple of very good friends of mine reading a review I had written of a gig one of them had done (on the original inkyworld) and telling me how much they liked it - and that they both think I am a good writer - you certainly would not be giving yourself potential eyestrain and a potential headache by reading this.  Inkyworld only exists thanks to people who tell me they like reading my ramblings.  So have a BIG THANK YOU HUG for your support.
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