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The Last "First Line" (Or - My Favourite Writing Exercise)
Today was the last "Scribbles" meeting as a Creative Writing group.  We ended by doing my favourite exercise.  You are given a line and then given a certain amount of time to write the first thing which comes into your head as a result of it.  Usually the time limit is five minutes but today we got fifteen minutes.

The first line was "She squelched as she stepped through the doorway into her underground hovel".

You could say I came up with a topical story in a way.

Here it is in full.

"She squelched as she stepped through the doorway into her underground hovel.

Well, to be honest, it didn't exactly start life either being underground or what could honestly be described as a hovel.  However, that is what a typhoon-inflicted landslides can turn perfectly tidy, habitable residences into.

She supposed that, compared to her neighbours, she was lucky - at least her house was still - in a way - standing.  The fact that she really needed a JCB to get to her front door was beside the point.  Of course - being in a remote part of the Philippines - JCBs were a bit thin on the ground.  So she had had to rely on the generosity of strangers with shovels to dig a path to her front door.

Why had nobody warned her about the likelihood of a super typhoon hitting the area she had chosen to move to in order to escape her life back home?

Of course, no one else knew the real reason she had decided to uproot herself (after selling all her earthly possessions) and move to one of the remotest places on Earth.  The reason she gave anybody who asked why she wanted to do it was because she wanted to help the needy and teach English.  You know?  The usual "Do Gooder" ideas which sound a lot better than leaving the country before you are quite possibly arrested and jailed for killing your husband because a divorce had the drawback of leaving him alive to cause you further torment.

As she fell into the hidden hole in the floor in the middle of the room and plummeted to her own death - her last thought was - I wish I had come here earlier.  It certainly would have saved me killing him."

I really surprised myself by writing that.
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