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Silence Is Painful (Or - I Am Glad My Computer Is Fixed)
Seven days ago my computer decided it needed a holiday.  So it went on strike.  Actually - it was very ill and had to go to a computer Dr to be healed (thanks Andy).  Today I got it back.  This is not unlike getting my voice back.

Yes - yes - I know that if you have ever met me in real life you would probably tell me that I talk a lot.  (Be very careful because the more I talk the more nervous or scared I am.  The more relaxed I am the quieter I get.  Unless I get to the point where you need a tin-opener to get anything out of me at all - in which case I am liable to explode.)

My favourite form of communication is writing - it has got to the stage where if I do not have access to any means of writing for more than a few days I feel poorly.  Texts, Tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, old fashioned pen and paper, anything will do.

Oh dear, this makes me sound like a writing addict, doesn't it???  I suppose it goes with my well-known (to my friends anyway) Bookoholism - as in addiction to reading (mainly books but will read just about anything I can find).

I read something an author said about his trips into schools to speak to school children about writing which upset me greatly.  Apparently the curriculum in England is taking the pleasure out of reading and stopping children from using their imaginations when they read.

Reading should be seen as the opposite of writing - if you ask me.

Writing is where the hard work happens.  You have to use the correct language for a start (there is no point me writing this in Dutch when I know that most of the people who read my blog don't understand a word of that language).  The you have to choose your words carefully so you are understood.  Then you have to worry about grammar and syntax (how the sentences are constructed).  Are you writing to your friends or is it a letter to go with a job application?  Finally - have you checked it for spelling errors - if not, I strongly suggest you do it now.

Instructions for reading the written word - direct eyes to words and read.

I will let you into a secret about me.  I much prefer reading a book to watching a film adaptation of it.  Why?  Because when I read I can use my own imagination to play the story out in my head as I do.  Film adaptations are a bit like those old "Flash" adverts - "The screenplay writer does the hard work so you don't have to"!  Or as I prefer to think about them - they are more like those "Cillit Bang" adverts "Bang and the fun is gone"! (For non-British readers the "Flash" advert was "Flash does the hardwork so you don't have to" and the "Cillit Bang" advert was "Bang and the dirt is gone".  They were both adverts for cleaning products.)

Words can be used to fire up someone's imagination, to give them information, to abuse, to show caring.  So why are we sometimes forced to stay silent?

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