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Nudity Versus Nakedness (Or How We Can See Ourselves Can Be Completely Different To How Other People Accept Us)
Public nudity (as in being seen in public without your clothes on) is only legally acceptable in certain places and certain situations.

Being physically naked in public is not exactly socially acceptable in more instances than public nudity - especially if you belong to a certain category of people.

Yes - I realise that I made public nudity and physical nakedness into two separate concepts.  I did it deliberately to illustrate a point.  There are instances when you can be fully clothed and still be physically naked.

In my case, I reach that state when I remove my glasses for some reason.  When I am not wearing my glasses I am in my natural state as a member of the Bat Brigade (Blind As A).  As I have had a lifetime's experience of not being able to see anything but fluffy cottonwool type blurs without my glasses I know what I can and cannot do without my glasses on my nose - I know how to get around familiar places, for example.  I also know that attempting to have any form of imnteraction with a staircase when I haven't got my glasses on isn't exactly recommended for medicinal purposes (as my Glaswegian friend says).  As for being let loose on a street??? Forget it!!!

Having been "Socially Trained" to find ways of hiding what other people see as my disabilty (and I see as their disability) - and not complaining as much as I would sometimes like when things get tough - I find it refreshing when I am able to give someone a glimpse into my world for a change.  It could be a simple case of letting you try my glasses on, or teaching you about steps or light and dark, etc.

Me being allowed to roam around in my natural - naked - state sometimes would actually relieve some of the pressure I actually feel when I am forced to conform to society's ideas about how I should deal with my sight.

You may not understand what I am about to say to you next but bear with me and I will attempt to explain it in plain English in a bit.

For me - the worst thing about my sight is the ideas that some bright sparks have about glasses.  According to the aforementioned bright sparks my glasses do not only help me see - my glasses have magical powers which result in me having the same level of sight as everybody else.

These bright sparks are the reason I have come to see wearing glasses as dangerous to my health - both physically and mentally.

Thanks to them I can be left feeling that I should be able to function as well as someone with 20/20 vision when I have got my glasses on.  What they don't understand is that - even with my glasses on - I haven't got 20/20 vision.  Apart from that, my glasses are on the outside of my face.  My brain (which is inside my head) still sometimes operates as though I am in my natural state even when I am wearing glasses.  This means I sometimes rely on things like touch and hearing when other people rely on their optical viewing hardware (and associated software which is certainly nowhere near as defective as my optical software is).  It also means I sometimes need extra time to complete a task - or I may even go about it in a way which you find totally crazy but works for me.

The end result is that I find wearing glasses to be both mentally and physically tiring at times.  So much so that I want to be allowed to be naked in public and sit quietly in someone's company without my glasses on my nose and just be me.

Before you think that I wish I had 20/20 vision may I just point out that is the last thing I have ever wished for.  If anything I have a wish that more people would want to come over to my side of the fence.  I don't mean that I wish more people would have my level of sight with its associated problems.  It is more a case that I wish more people were willing to learn about my end of the sight spectrum instead of me feeling forced to join the rest of the world no matte what it costs me.
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