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Is "Feminism" Really About Equal Opportunities? (Or The Difference Between An Opportunity And A Decree)
I have to admit that my heart sank when I found out that the Church of England had finally allowed Women to be Bishops.  Why???  I am a female so therefore I should be jumping up and down with joy that yet another avenue is open to Womankind when it comes to jobs and vocations they can inject themselves into.

Sorry - if only I could believe that it was going to be left as a choice for Women to take or leave.  However, I fear we are now on the same slippery slope as with every other profession which has allowed Women to enter - the dreaded Quotas.

The current practice would appear to be "shoehorn as many Women as you can get into your profession, company, etc, never mind how good or bad they are".  After all, we need more visible Women (preferably fully clothed) in our society, just to show the following generations of budding Women that they can do anything they want to - "Dedication, Dedication, Dedication, that's what you need".  (Please excuse the lapse into the theme song for "Record Breakers".)

According to me that is the last thing we need to be teaching them.  Surely we should be teaching the next generations of budding Women that it is OK to want to stay at home and look after your family as well as it being OK to aim for running a FTSE500 company - after all, surely Women still have a choice???

I seem to remember a song by "The Christians" called "Ideal World" - with the following lyric - "In an ideal world - we'd be free to choose.  But in my real world you can bet we're gonna lose".

It is all very well feminists demanding to be treated as equal to men but if they do that they have to remember that men also need the same choices as Women.
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