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How To Light A Street With A Spoon (Or Why Looking And Seeing Are Completely Different)
I know I get wound up about my sight but even I have to admit there are times when I have fun with it.  These are usually the times when my eyes and my brain match up brilliantly and come up with the weirdest descriptions (and explanations) for things.

For example. a few weeks ago I was on a bus when I saw a lady who was dressed very smartly apart from one thing.  At first glance it appeared that she was wearing some kind of studded leather collar around her neck.  On taking a proper look it turned out that she was actully wearing a black scarf with metallic silver circles or discs printed on it.  The way part of it had folded over itself just made it appear like studs.

This afternoon I spent quite a large amount of time with an ex-army man - I would say it was one ot those "mutually educational" times.  It was also a very amusing time as we explained bits about ourselves to each other.

(Put it this way - you may remember that in my original blog I posted about one of my friends who I had felt like I had to use a metaphorical saw on so I could chop him into two separate and manageble pieces???  The ex-army man had apparently already put himself through that process which made me feel comfortable around him.  This was a good job because he was not exactly the most physically compact man I have ever met.)

We were discussing things like sight, etc.  He had even allowed me to put him through some "interactive demonstrations" without complaining at me.  This was fun for me.

Near the end of our time together I was feeling comfortable enough to let him have a peek into my world in a slightly different way.  I could see the perfect item to help me teach him about "sideways seeing".  It was a lamppost with a rather unusual shape to the top of it.

We had been disussing photography and sight (and how sight and photography are not equal) when I pointed towards the lamppost and asked him if he could see a teaspoon.

I had previously taken this photo from above the lamppost;

He hadn't got a clue what I was talking about (do not worry - this is not unsual).  Then I pointed out what I meant.  From the angle we were looking at it the top of it looked like a teaspoon.  He told me that he had walked past the lamppost several times but never noticed the shape of the top of it.

I then asked him what he saw when he looked at it.  His answer was along the lines of "you have made me think of it as a teaspoon".  Then I asked him to switch his "army brain" on and tell me what he saw.  After complaining about this he did as I asked and I got an eyeopening example of how different that single lamppost - which we were both looking at from ground level - could appear depending on how you looked at it to start with.  (I will never see that bit of Charles Street in Leicester in the same way again.)

Maybe we should all take time out of our day to see the unusual in everyday objects?  This may help us understand our surroundings a bit more - and expand our minds.

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