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A Final Farewell To Virgin (Or Feel Free To Check Your Records Before Sending Me Stupid Letters)
Recently I decided to save myself a lot of money and aggravation by switching my Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband away from Virgin to a network which some of my friends were happy with.  This meant I had to buy myself out of the Mobile Phone Contract and I thought I had cancelled the Mobile Broadband Account at the same time.  I even received a text message telling me I had nothing to pay on the Mobile Broadband Account.  So I wnt ahead an cancelled both Direct Debits.

So you can imagine my surprise when I received two letters (one to my home address and one to my Dad's address) telling me that Virgin Mobile were suspending my accounts.  How can they suspend something which has already been cancelled???

The reason I decided to finally swap was a mix of seeing a better deal for the Mobile Broadband somewhere else and the hassle I had experienced with Virgin Media about both my Mobile Phone and my Mobile Broadband accounts over recent months.  (The funny thing is I wasn't even looking to change my Mobile Phone Contract when I changed the Mobile Bradband Contract - I was shown a brilliant phone which I couldn't resist along with a contract which was cheaper and had more minutes, etc.)

What really sold my current network (Three) to me was the fact that the Sales Assistant in the shop went out of her way to help me with my choice.  Even better - when I had a problem with my Mobile Broadband Dongle she actively attempted to resolve the situation for me.   No more phonecalls to strange numbers and queuing up for ages listening to dreadful music whilst getting more irate.  Just walk into shop and they will sort it out for you.

Call me strange if you want to but I prefer dealing with live humans face to face wherever and whenever possible.  Yes - I know we are supposed to have entered a great digital age and telecommunications are supposedly a wonderful thing but why on Earth should I spend forever on a phone being passed from person to person or online having to deal with uncooperative websites when I can sort the problem out more quickly face to face in person?

In fact, the only places where I do not like dealing with people face to face is when I am shopping.  Then I prefer scanning my own items in - that is much quicker than having to queue for the tills.

We need to bring back localised services.  I remember when I started as a Customer with Virgin Mobile (as it was then) I could walk into the shop and they would go out of their way to help me.  Not any more - I have lost count of the amount of times when I was told to "ring Customer Services".

Ironically, I am waiting for a telephone call from Virgin Media to get to the bottom of why I was sent the letters.
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