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Musical Stories Connect Us And Remind Us (Or How A Song Can Be So Important)
(I have a confession to make about this blog post!  I was going to write it a few days ago but I am glad I didn't.  If I had I wouldn't have been able to share something which happened yesterday with you.)

I don't know what it is about music and songs which make me want to know the background to certain peices of music or songs.

A case in point was when I was roaming YouTube (I was bored) and found a video of Richie Sambora talking about a John Lennon song "Merry Chirstmas (War Is Over)" and how he had prepared some children to sing it by teaching them the story behind the lyrics.

Another case in point is learning from "QI" last night that - if I see any Military personnel marching towards me playing "Watzing Matilda" my Retired ex-member of the Australian Airforce friend would not be among them.  Unless - that is - he had got into a crowd of American Army personnel by accident  "Waltzing Matilda" is based on an American March.

We all have songs which remind us of people we have met or situations we have been in.  We all know songs which are important remnants from our childhoods.

Some of us are even lucky enough to have met some of the people who have written our favourite songs.  (Put it this way - every time a certain friend of mine tells me I am good at writing I want to tell her I don't feel like I am anywhere near at good at writing as she is.  In fact, there are times when I feel that even her pet canine quadruped would be better at writing than I am.)

Yesterday I spent time with my favourite female singer and I was surprised at one point because she came out with the last statement I would expect her to make.  We were talking about a subject close to both our hearts when she said "I don't know what I can do to raise awareness about it".  My comeback was "you have missed something - what do you enjoy doing and what do you get paid to do?".

Sometimes writing - be it a song or a blog - about an issue that is important to you is the only way to raise awareness.  I really admire people who can write songs which educate people about subjects without them realising it.  A bit different to what I can do with this blog - I can only write - you have to supply your own background noise as you read this.  (My singing isn't that good either!)

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