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Terrorism Doesn't Only Involve Guns And Bombs (Or Why I Think The British Media Is Guilty Of This Terrible Crime)
There seems to be something drastically wrong with the British Media (and I am honestly puzzled as to why certain sections of it have not been requested to answer charges of "Glorifying Terrorism" or "Fomenting Terrorism" as a result of how they have reported certain events).

Since the dreadful events in Paris this week have been plastered all over the BBC News channel (to the point where I honestly thought nothing else was happening in the world) I have been thinking about "terrorism" and what it means to certain sections of society.

In its most basic form "Terrorism" is another word for something I have had way too much experience of for my liking - Bullying.

Bullying can mean using another person's differences (be they race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs) to make their own life a living Hell.

You don't even need to pick one single person if you happen to be a British Tabloid "newspaper".  You can demonise entire sections of the population just by using some negative headlines about them.  Your scattergun tactics can demonise the unemployed one week, immigrants the next week, the Disabled the week after, etc, for eternity.  After all, it is not your responsibility when your readers decide to follow your example and someone ends up dead or seriously injured as a result.

I suppose the next step up is groups like the IRA who have been known to attack the British military with bombs.

However, I am not going to say that the next level is groups like Al Quieda, or Boko Haram.  No - that would be too easy and (in my opinion) dishonest.

The next level is the world's media.  Every newspaper and broadcast channel who has shown graphic pictures and graphic accounts of the killings by the murderers in Paris, London, Madrid, America, etc are all guilty of terrorism.

When you are getting bullied at school you are advised to ignore the bullies and tell the teachers.

So why are the world's media giving the people who indiscriminately kidnap, torture, and kill civilians, airtime by showing the results of their deeds.  I could be wrong here but surely that just gives them the oxygen of publicity and encourages more terrorist plots.

Also, I am very worried about the Media's nasty habit of using the word "Islamist" or "Muslim" when attempting to identify the suspects in the immediate aftermath of such atrocities.  We need to differentiate between the Terrorists and murderers who carried out the Paris attacks and the normal peaceful Muslims.

One headline I read today was quite interesting (and extremely poignant) - "There is no war between Muslims and the West".

That is correct - there is a war between the world's media and everybody else.  The media should be called to account for the way they report on terrorist attacks and be forced to answer the question of "why do they report attacks in a way which divides people further?".

If they cannot give a satisfactory explanation of why they are behind so many divisions in the world they should be arrested for "Glorifying and Fomenting Terrorism".

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