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Sometimes The Most Valuable Thing You Own Is Only Valuable To You (Or - Why A Small Toy Connected Generations And Countries)
I am sure there are objects in your house which you wonder how they ever ended up there.  I am also sure there are objects which were handed down through the generations with stories attached to them.  I wonder if there are any objects in your house which have a direct link to you that has previously been hiding in plain sight???  (And I do mean "in plain sight"!)

Below is a photo of two of my favourite objects in this house.

I first remember seeing them when I was a little girl.  I loved playing with them because if you look through the hole at the back and press the button at the bottom they show photos of nice places.  They still live in the same display cabinet (to be perfectly honest I felt guilty getting them out to photograph them - even though their original owner died when I was around 10 years old).  However, I only registered the fact they had placenames on them a few days ago. 

The placename on the red one (on the right hand side of the photo) is the one which is the most interesting to us for the purposes of this blogpost.

However, first I feel I have to tell you a little bit about my family connection to the owner of the objects.  (You may also learn the connections to another word I have used in this blog as well.)

The original owner of the "TV's" was my "Grandma Great".  She was my English Grandma's Mum (My Granddad's Mum was known as "Grandma Phylis").  In other words Grandma Great was my Dad's maternal Grandma.  My Mum's Mum was (and still is - even though she died in 1996) my "Oma" - Dutch for Grandma.

Still with me???

OK - back to the "TV's".

So now we know who their original owner was and how I am related to her.  What I don't know is who actually bought them for her.  You see, the red "TV" has got a rather interesting placename on it - at least as far as I am concerned - which suggests Grandma Great could have bought it herself or her Granddaughter-in-law (my Mum) could have bought it for her.

Marken is a place in Holland.  Admittedly it is a lot closer to Amsterdam than it is to Rotterdam (where my Mum and Oma came from).

However, I just like to think that it is one way of keeping both sides of my family alive in my head.

There are a couple more objects with a slightly more morbid connection between three generations of my family.  "Morbid" because they were bought by my Mum around the time when Oma died.

One is a die from the Euro 96 Football Championship (it originally had a cactus and a flag in it.  only the flag remains).  The other is something which I have almost worn to rags - and it describes me to a T.

It is one of my favourite tshirts.  Orange with a Union Flag on it.  In front of the flag you can see the Dutch football mascot with an English police helmet on its head.

Isn't it funny how unexpected objects can connect people without them realising it???
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