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Craziness With A Pen (Or It Must Be Time For Some "Scribbles"- Inspired Ramblings)
We haven't had any Scribbles-related ramblings for quite some time (mainly because I didn't think my efforts at the last few meetings were fit for public consumption).  Have a read of the two pieces of writing below and see what you think;

(The first peice was inspired by a photo I chose from a selection.  It was of a human in foggy conditions)

My friend, Kristyna Myles, is recording an album.  On this album is a song called "Autumn" where she sings about the colours it brings and how much she likes them.

I like Autumn as well - but for a slightly different reason.  It is one of only two seasons which have been known to bring serious doses of what I would call "Equal Opportunities Weather".  The other being Winter with its snow and ice.

Fog has to be my all time favourite weather event.  Not only because the rest of the world starts to see what I can see without my glasses - mostly blurs and gloom - but also because I narrowly missed getting a detention for starting a running joke during French lessons at Lutterworth Grammar School (the joke lasted the whole two years of my French GCSE class) - involving the word "foggy" as well as my skill at impersonating accents (which had, until this point, been restricted to the Dutch accent).

What happened was Mr Chadwick (the French teacher) decided to ask us a question - "What is 'Il y a de broulliard' in English?"

I wouldn't even have attempted to do an impression of his perfect French accent if he hadn't previously managed to make the simple sentence "it is foggy" sound like it had been delivered by a foghorn or ship's whistle with a French accent (a low drone).  This, unfortunately, stuck in my head.  It was also what came out of my mouth.

Fog does have its drawbacks though.  I can still remember turning on the Dutch news on one New Year's Day in Holland and seeing a report where quite a few drivers had been involved in - what I thought was - a rather amusing accident.  The lack of wind the previous night had left the smoke from the fireworks hanging around.  One driver complained that it was like "driving into a white wall" - served him right for being in too much of a rush to let the smoke clear before he left home.

The second piece of writing was actually a result of what is fast becoming my favourite exercise or game at Scribbles (and we have only done this exercise twice).  We were each given a card with three words on it and were told to hide one or more words in our writing so the others could guess what they were.  (I think I hide mine just a little too well - see if you can spot them.  I will put the answers at the bottom.)

We are now in the run up to the event I like the least - mainly because I am forced (through my conscience) to partake in it but I cannot do anything to trigger it.  Apparently only two people in the entire country can trigger one.  I am well aware that I am supposed to treat the beings/creatures/aliens (delete as applicable) who chose to be the "contestants" with respect but - as they all give the impression of being those Oompa Loompas you read about in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - I cannot be bothered to.

(We really need to bring back "Spitting Image"!)

Apparently I am represented by Johnathan Ashworth.  However, as I have never knowingly met him, he is stuck in my brain as an Avatar on Twitter.

I will be glad on May the 8th - or will I?  I suspect 2015 will be like 1974 with a double General Election - especially if David Cameron thinks he will be forced into another "Coalition".

If you ask me we should scrap Elections and enact Democracy "Swiss style" amd let everyone decide.

(The hidden words were "General Election", "Oompa Loompas", and "Avatar".)


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