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Guitar Solos And Earworms (Or Can Someone Please Explain Why My Favourite Guitar Solo Is On The Only Song I CANNOT STAND???)
Don't ask me how this happened but last week I suddenly had the introduction to "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns & Roses playing in my head.  I have not heard that song for years.  I don't even like Guns & Roses.  Although - even I will admit that the introduction to that song is amazing.

This drove me to find a video on YouTube which taught guitarists how to play it.  Now - I am not, and never have been, a guitarist.  If I could learn any instrument I would probably try the drums and/or the bagpipes.  A solo bagpiper playing is guaranteed to get a one human audience if I am around.

However, I do like the way that different pieces of music can be adapted to different instruments (I would love to hear the intro to "Sweet Child Of Mine" played on a piano) if you know the chords and you can read music.

My Grandad's brothers could play a piano.

My Great Uncle Harry (who I only have a vague memory of - funnily enough involving me and him sitting at a piano) played the piano at Leicester Forest East Services when it opened.  (I cannot imagine just going for a drive to a Motorway Service Station - just shows how much times have changed.)

If there was anything my Great Uncle Roy couldn't do with a piano it wasn't worth bothering with (short of taking it apart and puting it back together).  I have been in his presence when he made an organ sing.  That was a memorable experience for me.

To me music is just another language.  The only difference is that music uses notes where voices use words to tell stories.

There are some languages which are like music when spoken by a native.

Before I could fully understand what my parents and Dutch relatives were talking about when they spoke in Dutch I could definitely tell you if someone was angry about something.  The Dutch language when spoken by a group of people can sound like your own personal opera (just without the soprano shrieking usually) and the "music" of the speech can tell you a lot about the mood.  I can listen to Dutch people talking for hours - if they let me - and not get bored.

I had better get back to the point, hadn't I?

Music is a precious gift and - even if you only like parts of a song or a tune - you should take time to explore different variations of music until you find one which is personal to you.
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