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When The Stage Lit Up Something DEFINITELY Took Hold Of Me (Or Another Dose Of Myles Magic)
Please don't ask me where I was between 2.30pm and 3.00pm this afternoon because I couldn't actually tell you.  Oh - I could tell you where my physical body was.  That was standing in front of the Stage at the De Monfort Hall in Leicester.  However, the rest of me was taken on a magical journey piloted by a world class singer - ably assisted by her band.

It really comes to something when I don't actually recognise the person on stage as a friend of mine.  She looked like my friend and sounded like my friend when she spoke.  When she sang it was a completely different story - the lady who was singing could have been almost any famous female singer who had just decided to drop in on a music festival in Leicester on a sunny Sunday afternoon in July.

From the minute she walked onto the stage and started to sing it almost seemed like the building could melt away and I could be transported to any place of her choosing.

She even moved around the stage confidently.  As in - it seemed like she had moved in for the duration (I could almost imagine some furniture - a settee and a few chairs - being put on the stage and the audience being invited up to take a seat whilst she sang to us.  She seemed that comfortable).

There was a rather unusual twist to "The Paris Match" this time.  Instead of the trumpet solo which features in the song her guitarist, Ben Williams, played the solo on his guitar.  To me this gave the song a slightly different feel - it almost took it back to Paul Weller's mournful original version.

However, I now have a new favourite song of hers (it shares top spot with "Someone").  It was the one she opened with and one of only two she didn't announce before she sang it.  "I'm Getting Rid Of This" is pure Kristyna.  To me it also showcases the range of emotions her voice can show on its own.

There was a song with a slight Country flavour as well.  "A Change Is Gonna Come" was an interesting song as it sounded so unlike anything I have heard her sing.  I could imagine an out-and-out Country singer (as in from the United States) singing it.

(I am just waiting for her to write and perform an Operatic-style Aria - I think opera is the only form of music which has yet to be subjected to the "Myles Treatment".)

She also sang "Just Three Little Words", with just bass guitar, electric guitar, and a bit of keyboard, as backing.  Stripped back almost to its orginial acoustic version.  (Put it this way - the first time I heard this song it was just her and a guitar.)

The closing song was the most apt song she could have chosen as far as the lyrics are concerned - "I'm Not Going Back".

After the gig I got talking to a man whose 6 year old daughter loves Kristyna's album so much that she has learned some of the songs by heart.  If proof was needed that Kristyna's music appeals to all ages that was it.

There are times when I can hardly believe that a lady with Kristyna's talents is so friendly and down to Earth.  She made time after the gig to speak to some of her fans personally.  Believe me - when she gives you her attention she makes you feel like you are the only important person in the room at that moment.

This is not going to be my usual request that you go and see Kristyna perform live before she starts selling out places which cost the Earth to get into.  (Although - I would really encourage you to do that.)

Next time you want to hear some good music or see a good performance go and find a singer or band you like who are not quite as well known as your Mariah Carey, your Adele, your Bon Jovi, or your Rod Stewart, and share in their journey to their dreams by watching them perform and buying their CDs, etc.  If you do that you will be doing all of us who like live music a favour.  You may even become one of their friends and share in their story that way.

We need more people like Kristyna Myles in the Music world.  Talented, yet friendly and down to Earth, with a big heart for her friends and fans, and who has made a big difference to the life of this fan.
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