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Inequality Comes In All Colours Of The Rainbow (Or How To Change The World One Bit At A Time)
(I was originally going to write this blogpost as two separate ones because it was inspired by two separate newspaper columns - one by Victoria Coren Mitchell and the other by David Mitchell.  As I was thinking about how to write them I suddenly realised that the two columns had more in common than the mere fact their authors are married to each other.  They were both about hate and intolerance but from different angles.

For Victoria's column www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/08/makeup-fad-makes-me-cross
and for David's column www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/08/tories-hate-preachers-david-mitchell)

I've been walking in the footsteps of Society's lies.  I don't like what I see no more - sometimes I wish I was blind.  Sometimes I wait forever just to stand out in the rain - so no one sees me crying - trying to wash away these pains.
("Keep The Faith" by Bon Jovi)

The first column I read this morning was by Ms Coren Mitchell.  This was not such a good idea if I wanted to continue enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning - due to the fact it sent my blood pressure on a steep upward trajectory in direct proportion to the downward trajectory it forced my mood to take.

The article mentioned the one thing which makes me feel like a complete alien when it is discussed - usually because the discussions are on the side of "normal women wear this" and "if you want to get a job you should wear at least some of this" - and that is before we get to the bit about "I feel more confident when I wear this and I am sure you would too if you tried it".  The fact that the last time I saw a man appear in public wearing a full face of makeup (apart from Eddie Izzard, Julian Clary, and Christopher Biggins) it was the early 1980's and the "New Romantic" era in pop music is beside the point.  Sorry - I almost forgot about the "Goth" scene - which, ironically, is just about the only scene I would fit into if I wore makeup which I had applied myself (yes I have actually tried it - no there isn't any photographic evidence - just think either "panda" or "walking corpse" and I am sure you will get the picture).

I have friends who look like they have paid a professional to do their makeup it looks so flawless.  I am just waiting for something like an iron-on transfer or a "Lettraset" stencil (the ones where you turned it over and rubbed the backing paper to transfer the letter to the page) but with a full face of makeup so I can apply it to my own face without worrying how it is going to turn out when I have finished with it.

I suppose it is another one of those things where you have to have practical experience of being different before you understand how hurtful those "well-meaning" remarks can actually be.

Let's just say that my sight is not designed for those flip-out glasses which supposedly help you see what you are doing when applying eyeshadow, etc.  Apart from that, I would have to find an eyeshadow applicator the size of a pin so I knew I was using the correct amount.

So - for all you ladies out there who feel that a face full of makeup gives you the confidence to go about your daily life - I respect your right to dress as you please.  Please respect my right to feel that a smile and happy thoughts and words are what I need to give me confidence.

The next column I read was by Mr Mitchell.  This one improved my mood somewhat.

We are surrounded by "Hate Preachers".  It is just that half of them are not officially recognised as "Hate Preachers" - mainly because they do not attempt to link themselves with any kind of "organised" religion.

Apparently the UK Government's current Big Idea is to make preaching of Hate messages a crime.  Yes - the same Government who are so busy trying to irradicate the disabled, unemployed, Homeless, and those in poverty, by means of not providing the basic funding, etc, for them to survive (or, come to think of it, the motivation to survive).

Hate Preaching, Discrimination, Inequality, and Bullying are all either illegal or socially and/or morally unacceptable already.  The Emergency Services are being cut to below the safe minimum to be able to deal with existing Hate Crimes.

We really need to relearn respect for each other and ourselves.  We also need to find a way of agreeing to disagree and debate things in a calm and sensitive manner.

However, it is not about turning to everybody else and telling them they need to change their attitude - we need to change our attitude before we can change anybody else's.

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