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Speak Peace From Nation Unto Nation But Feel Free To Hold Your Own Citizens Hostage (Or - Why Jeremy Clarkson Should Be The Least Of The BBC's Worries)
(The BBC's alleged motto of "Speak Peace From Nation Unto Nation" is starting to sound rather hollow to me.  When they are not being accussed of starting the war in Rwanda - or at least making it worse - they are busily putting out as much biased news coverage as they can.  And that is before you take into account all the "talent" they have fallen out with for one reason or another.  I used to like watching the BBC - now I avoid it if at all possible.)

The BBC has got itself into a rather large mess.  Apparently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (or some such individual) has been "advised" to resign her position by a committee of MP's who have taken a rather dim view of her antics as a Non-Executive Director of HSBC.

They have also been threatened with legal action from Rwanda over their reporting of the Genocide which happened in that country.  And - no I don't remember Jeremy Clarkson reporting from there.

However, the thing I find most frustrating is the wording of the TV Licence - which has apparently been stretched to include any device capable of receiving live broadcasts from any broadcaster in any country.

This means that if I wish to watch my preferred news broadcaster over the internet (or even listen to some obscure radio station in a far away country so I can enjoy an interview with my favourite singer) I still have to pay the BBC for that privilege if it is a live broadcast.

I read in a newspaper article that Noel Edmonds was considering putting in an offer to buy the BBC and run it as a private company.  I really hope he does that.

Why?  Because - unlike the Public Transport "network" in the UK which I honestly think should be brought back into Public ownership with immediate effect - I do not feel the UK Government should have any say in the BBC's output.  Nor - for that matter - do I feel that the complainers should have any influence over the output.

Forget the BBC's bias over the news for a minute (as well as their shameful handling of the Jeremy Clarkson suspension scandal - was it really necessary to plaster it all over the news), and the apparent lack of appetite for taking risks with new programmes - unless they are squirrelled away on BBC3 or BBC4, or even worse, BBC iPlayer) leaving viewers with repeats and reworkings of old programmes or wall-to-wall sport.  (The biggest con they pulled to date was trying to advertise "Poldark" as a new programme on their trailers - that was first broadcast back in the Dark Ages, as in 1970's or 1980's.  Admittedly with different actors.)

I know I have said this before but I would like to see the BBC completely abolished and start again.  I don't even think their news coverage is any good any more - which is why I prefer NOS (Dutch State News broadcaster) or even Al Jazeera (English version).

(Oh and - if recent "Comic Relief" and "Sports Relief" broadcasts are anything to go by - I will probably switch off after 10 minutes because of some of the so-called "comedians" they find to offend people.  I am sorry but how on earth do you expect me to donate money towards a cause including people you have shown "comedians" publicly mocking for laughs???  Especially when I know people in the situation you mocked or even I am one of those people myself???

I am sorry to say this but the first thing the BBC should do is change it's motto to "Spreading Gratuitous Offence Around The World And Forcing The UK To Pay For It" - either that or start by scrapping the Licence fee - and allowing the real creative types to submit ideas for programmes with a promise to use the new material to replace most of the rubbish and repeats on BBC1 and BBC2.

They could put a programme on showcasing up-and-coming musicians, authors, directors, etc, as well as discussion programmes where the topics are randomly chosen by the audience at time of broadcast.

One thing is for sure - the BBC should not be allowed to survive much longer in its current state.

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