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I Now Know The WHAT - I Haven't Quite Worked Out The HOW Yet - (Or Please Reader - Can You Help Me Make It On My Own???)
I have a bit of a favour to ask you.

To be perfectly honest I feel like I am skating near the edge of a very steep cliff and I am in danger of falling over it into a very deep ravine - or - more precisely - I feel that someone else is in great danger of pulling me into it (which I have been in before).

Most of you will know I have 15 years' experience of working in an office.  Some of you will know that I ended up taking a bit of time off during that as a result of depression (this was directly caused by certain circumstances which I am not going to go into on such a public forum).  With hindsight the biggest mistake I made was going back to work at the same place - at the time I felt I had no choice.  (They do say that hindsight is perfect 20/20 vision, don't they???)

I got in contact with someone who has decided to set up a business and is attempting to rope me into doing their office work for them.  (The initial contact came about as a result of my offer to give them a bit of publicity on my blog.)  Apart from the fact that my skillset and the type of business they want to set up are almost in different solar systems - I am not sure I want to be held responsible if it doesn't work out how they want it to.

Whilst I don't mind using my experience and my ideas to help an existing business I would rather be free to concentrate on what I enjoy doing (and what some of you tell me I am good at) - writing, raising awareness of issues, giving people publicity, and - most of all - putting my "Sideways" spin on things.

Now - I admit I haven't got any "proper" experience in Marketing, etc.  Nor have I got any degrees (the highest qualifications I have got are GCSE's, along with a Level 1 NVQ in Business Administration).

What I have got is enthusiasm for reading and writing - as well as bending the English language to fit what I am trying to do at the time.  Coupled with my experience of dealing with people at all levels in a business, as well as people from other countries (and I don't just mean my family and friends either) - I feel this has given me the skills needed to communicate with a wide variety of people.

I know this is going to sound a bit cheeky but I am wondering if those of you who like reading my ramblings would be prepared to help me get my name "out there".  This could be by sharing any posts you like with your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc - or by recommending me and my writing skills to people you know who would need promotion or writing doing for them.

I am not going to go down the "Give Us Your Money" route because the only "product" I really have so far is this blog (and it is not for sale) - you cannot put a price on thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc, unless you know there is a market for them - your friendly Psychologist, singer, etc - or they can be turned into something tangible - photographs, sculptures, etc.

So - basically - I am asking you to keep me in mind if you know someone who wants any writing doing.  My email is icpoultney@yahoo.co.uk.

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