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Those Momemts When A Plaque Can Say Something A Lot Better Than A Blog Post! (Or - Maybe We Just Need To Read The Truth To Believe It!)
3/2/2016 11:04:54 PM
If you have been reading my blog you will know that I love words.  Books, adverts, letters, emails, signs, etc - anything with words will do.

In fact, there are certain occassions when you should not let me loose in a shop.  One such occassion is when I find myself in a shop selling plaques that make me laugh out loud.  When this happens I am likely to buy every single plaque I can find.

Today I was in a shop in Leicester called "Niche" which sells such plaques.

I cannot remember exactly which one made me laugh out loud but I am sure it is among the eight that I ended up buying (how did anybody expect me to choose between them???).

However, I want to talk about two plaques in particular.

This one caught my eye because it almost sums up what you are reading right now.  (I didn't think I would get another job - let alone one involving blogging - look at me now!)  But I really think it should read "She turned everybody else's can'ts into cans and turned her dreams into plans".

The next one is not only applicable to Facebook but also those people who just like moaning about their problems instead of attempting to overcome them by whatever (legal) means necessary.

I admit that I blog about the problems I face due to my sight but that is only because I want to use my experiences to educate you so we can make the world a bit more friendly towards people like me.  I try to keep my personal life offline as much as I can.

There is one other plaque that I would like to finish this blog post with.

Says it all really - doesn't it???

Since When Was Black Pepper A Fruit??? (Or - I Think Wilko Lost Their Way A Bit With Their "Fruits" Range Of Bath And Body Products!)
3/2/2016 10:28:17 PM
I suppose I have a bit of a confession to make - I am almost addicted (no - forget "almost" - I am addicted) to bath and body products from Lush.  However, they can be a bit pricey if you don't go in with a proper idea of exactly what you want - and end up almost buying the shop out due to your inability to choose between products.  Yes - dear reader - I have been in that exact situation.

So - you might be able to imagine my surprise when I found a cheaper range of bath and body products in Wilko.  Each item cost 95 pence (the range includes bath foam, shampoo, conditioner, bath bombe, hand soap, hand cream, body butter, bar of soap, and shower gel).  By the way the range is called "Fruits".

Bottle of "Lemon and Blaxk Pepper" Bath Foam from the "Fruits" range.

I picked the "Lemon and Black Pepper" fragrance out of the ones I could actually read the names of on the bottles.  (There is one dark purple one - however - due to the fact they have used exactly the same colour of type on that bottle I could not read anything on the bottle.  Boy - do I hate that.)

The bath bombe should have told me what I was letting myself in for (same as - I suppose - the price of the products).  Even if I wasn't used to the delightful displays, bubbles, and fragrances of the Lush bath bombes - I think I would have been underwhelmed by the barely there fragrance as well as the lack of bubbles.  According to me bath bombes are supposed to have a bit of fizz to them (why else would Lush refer to them as "Bath Ballistics"???).

The other products I tried in the range kind of went the opposite way as far as fragrance is concerned -  even though I could hardly detect the black pepper in them.  Much as I love the smell of lemons I don't particularly like the smell of "Fairy Liquid" or any other brand of washing up liquid - sickly lemony smell.  I have only tried the bath foam and the shampoo in combination and the result left me feeling as though I had accidentally swapped my bath for the sink in my kitchen.

I am sure that - if you find the scent of washing up liquid erotically appealing - you will love the "Lemon and Black Pepper" fragrance.

When I was walking around the store the Public Annoyance System kept playing the slogan or tagline of the store - "Where there's a Wilko there's a way".

I am sorry but I think - in this case at least - Wilko need to find a way back to the "Inventions Department" and start again.  When I have finished the products I have I am going to go back to the Lush products (at least I can smell those before I buy them).

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