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To whom it may concern!







Inky World.


I enjoy Ineke’s [Inky’s] blogging with her insightful, interesting, well written and straight from her heart. I support her effort with Inkyworld and look forward to reading about her life, her challenges and her quirky humour. Be sure Ineke will challenge your perceptions. Ineke is an asset to the SMPL team.

Roger H Nield


Director – Simple Solutions

To Whom It May Concern


I have known Ineke in a variety of capacities for many years.


I came to know about her work through running a citizen's media project, Citizen's Eye in Leicester since 2008.


She is passionate about sharing her view of the world. I consider her a role model to those wishing to start blogging no matter the issue or subject. She constantly highlights to me that society still doesn't address the issue of equality especially in the media and the role that she plays is an important one.


Since I have known Ineke, she has participated in numerous projects which have engaged the local, national and international community. She has a great aptitude for networking with people from all walks of life including members of the diverse Leicester community, local authorities, schools, charities, arts organisations and academic institutions.


Ineke’s writing and in particular, her dedication to represent those ‘misrepresented’ by the media, demonstrates her dedication to humanitarian issues.


Through the Inkyworld blog, Ineke has written well over 200 blog posts and covered a wide array of subjects from her own unique view of the world due to her visual impairment to a new fashion label launched recently in Highcross Leicester.

She has written several short articles that have been published in the disability charity Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living’s newsletter ‘Voice’ and also a piece for Leicestershire Police on the effect of flashing blue lights on those visually impaired.

She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and she demonstrates this every Friday when she attends the Social Media Café at the West End Centre.

For the above reasons, I highly recommend Ineke for any position or endeavour that she may seek to pursue.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Coster

Journalist / Founder – Documentary Media Centre




John Coster / Projects Manager


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